Citrix XenApp is a name we may have heard many times, but do we all know what it is? Let’s take a closer look on this solution and the XepApp-focused certificate.
XenApp, formerly known as Citrix Presentation Server or Citrix MetaFrame Server. It is an application virtualization solution that allows users to connect to corporate applications from a variety of computers and mobile devices. XenApp hosts applications on central servers, allowing users to interact remotely with them or stream them to their devices for local execution. Citrix Xen App extends Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host desktop session and applications to users via the Citrix HDX protocol. XenApp was built originally on top of Citrix’s Windows Terminal Server platform, which was created in the mid 90s.
Citrix XenApp allows organizations to centrally manage Windows applications and computing resources in a secure, data center. This is particularly important for organizations that deal with sensitive data.
Citrix XenApp is a cross-platform solution that allows users to access these applications from any device, even non-Windows clients. Here’s how it works. Client devices can access XenApp sessions and apps using a software client Citrix receiver, which is available for a variety operating systems and client forms.
The HDX protocol allows smooth remote display capabilities, multimedia redirection and USB redirection. There are many other capabilities depending on the client device.
Citrix XenApp’s direct competitors include Microsoft Terminal Services Windows Server 2008, Quest Software vWorkspace Systancia AppliDisfusion, Spoon Server, Ericom Software WebConnect, and Systancia ApliDis Fusion. Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server offered similar functionality to serve Windows desktop sessions from Linux servers. Sun’s application virtualization offering Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides a complete solution that allows for both Windows and Unix applications to be delivered on all major platforms.
Citrix XenApp Certification
Citrix recently redesigned its certification program to make it more solution-based and more relevant to the changing needs of IT professionals and organizations. Three levels are available to demonstrate candidates’ skills and experiences in order to deliver successful Citrix solutions.
Citrix Certified Associate
Citrix Certified Professional
Citrix Certified Expert
For those who wish to certify knowledge about CitrixXenApp 6.5 solutions, the company offers the CCA credential for CitrixXenApp. Candidates must pass the Basic Administration for XenApp 6.5 exam to be eligible for this certification. IT tests your knowledge and skills to install, configure, administer, and maintain Citrix XenApp 6.5-on-demand applications.
The CitrixXenApp 6.5 Administration exam can be divided into the following sections. These sections can be used as a guide for preparation:
Understanding the Citrix Architecture
Licensing XenApp and Installation
Configuring XenApp Session
Configuring XenApp policies
Publishing Content and Applications
Additional Management
Management of Performance and Load
Configuring printing
Secure and Enable Web Access to Published Content and Applications
Getting XenApp certified is a smart career move by IT professionals looking to find their high-potential roles in large and medium-sized companies and corporations. The demand for remote access solutions that are secure and functional will continue to grow.
Citrix offers XenApp training on its website. ExamCollection also has a Citrix section.