Thanks to everyone who completed the survey about stakeholder management, I was able to conduct a survey. The results were amazing. I did some analysis and wanted you to see my findings.
We do projects because of stakeholder engagement. It helps us obtain the resources we need.
Over 30% of people don’t interact with stakeholders as they would like. They don’t have the time or the desire to meet their stakeholders. A third of people feel that they are unable manage their stakeholder relationships. They don’t know how to manage their stakeholder relationships or have no templates.
Here’s how it works.
I know what it is like. I am a project manager, and own my own company. I have a young family. Despite everyone’s concern, I don’t have the time or energy necessary to create documents from scratch.
Stakeholder engagement is a difficult topic for me. When I began to manage projects, it was all about managing stakeholders. It took me some time to realize that you cannot force people to support your project. It doesn’t work.
They want you to succeed. This is why management support is so important.
Stakeholder engagement involves understanding what people want from the project and how they feel about it. This can also include how that changes over time. It requires regular planning, and frequent check-ins.
I have developed ways to communicate effectively with my stakeholders. They don’t feel forced or cheesy. When I start a new project, my plan of action is to discover stakeholders and understand their motivations.
People are what make projects run (or stop them). Not processes or documents.
Documents and processes can be a huge help! This is especially true if time is limited or you don’t know where start.
Ta da! Ta da!
I have a special announcement for those who are among the 33% who don’t know what to do or don’t have the templates.
My 4-step process for engaging stakeholders successfully is contained in my Stakeholder Engagement Package. It also contains the templates that will assist you in doing it.
It contains a variety of pre-made, editable, and customizable templates, checklists, as well as a few tips sheets. It has 2.5 pages of large text so it won’t overwhelm — it’s all designed to be easy to understand and quick-to use. I also explain which templates to use.
The template pack will be a great help to your:
Identify the people involved in your project.
Find out how they will respond to your project.
Create an engagement plan to change the behavior of negative stakeholders. Make sure that the team has a positive outlook on all stakeholders who are supportive.
Be professional and prepared when working with stakeholders
You can check how your engagement activities are performing and make any necessary changes.

There are 10 documents and the Stakeholder engagement checklist that guides you through the process and helps you choose which documents to use. They are all simple to use and can be used “out of the box”, even though it sounds overwhelming. They might come in handy again. ).
Templates from the stakeholder management template pack
Get the template pack here.
You can also contact me if you find out that you have purchased the wrong item, or if you change your mind. I will issue a full refund without asking for any explanation. It is difficult to tell if something’s wrong by small photos.