Brian Scheibe. I had the opportunity to speak to a customer this week, who was planning to teach a CCNA 640-802 class for students all over the country. He planned to use NetSim for CCNA laptops in the classroom to save on transporting bulky Cisco equipment.
As we spoke, I realized that he didn’t know that he could create customized lab packages that included personalized documentation, topologies and configurations. NetSim allows instructors to create custom lab packages with the school logo, grading functionality and beginning configurations. NetSim includes the Lab Compiler in all versions.
He was even more excited about NetSim after realizing that students could be given homework tailored to his class syllabus. Students could practice the commands and configurations that they learned in class to better prepare for the next day’s lecture. Students can use the grading function to help them work through the steps in the lab, and determine if they have done their homework correctly.
Instructors can also use custom labs to test students’ knowledge of specific networking concepts. An instructor can add multiple labs to a single lab package, which covers a variety of concepts. This allows him to create a lab pack that includes all the labs he will use during his course. Boson NetSim for CCNA includes 96 CCNA-level labs that can be used to learn commands to configure a variety network configurations.
As you can see, the Lab Compiler makes Boson NetSim CCNA a great tool to learn the commands required to configure routers in labs that target the Cisco CCNA 640-802 certification.