Cloud computing is everywhere these days, just like the Covid-19 virus. Companies looking to use the cloud are short of experts. Cloud consulting firms have mushroomed in recent years to fill this void.

What is Cloud Consulting?
Cloud consulting is a service that helps you choose the right cloud solution that will integrate seamlessly with your existing technology and provide the best return on your investment. A consultant usually assists clients in choosing a cloud plan. They collaborate to determine which workloads or applications are best suited for cloud computing. The consultant takes on the task of cloud migration, also known to transfer resources from on-premises to a cloud platform. Cloud consultants can also provide managed services to ensure smooth operation of cloud workloads. Many consultants consider optimizing cloud workloads’ efficiency and expense to be a core service.

Skills of a Cloud Consultant
To be a successful consultant, you need to have confidence, leadership, written and verbal communication skills, listening skills, and the ability to build relationships. A consultant could simply settle down and continue to build their expertise, until they are proficient in their specific industry and platform. They would also need to stay up-to-date on IT news and updates. The majority of the work was fairly constant from project to project. The situation is different now. It is no longer about previous knowledge or experience.
Innovation has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. Many industries are being developed, disrupted or even eliminated. One talent stands out in this constantly changing world. It is the one skill that separates top performers from those who are struggling to keep up. Consultants must be able to quickly locate and implement new knowledge from multiple sources. Consultants who rely on their existing skills and abilities to coast will be left behind. The Stark girl, who was named and identified by the Many-Faced God in Game of Thrones, gave up her identity to learn from him. You now know that learning is the most valuable asset.
Cloud consulting is a career
A bachelor’s degree in any field is required to start a career in Cloud consulting. This includes engineering, computer science, or information technology. There are several certifications that can set a consultant apart from others when an organization is looking for one. A cloud consultant should take a business management course to better prepare for the job of consultant. Higher wages will be guaranteed by a degree, certifications, or courses. Cloud consulting companies often advertise the number of cloud certified workers to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
How do you become a Cloud consultant

We now know what cloud consulting is and the most important skill required for it. Also, we understand what a consultant does. Now, the crucial question is: How do you become a cloud consultant. Although there is no specific certification for cloud consultants, it is one you can earn after gaining some knowledge and skills.

Basic Knowledge of Networking: To become a cloud consultant one must have a basic knowledge of Networking. Networking is the backbone to Cloud computing. Virtualization is the core of cloud computing and Networking is essential for virtualization. This is the first step to learning cloud computing. Understanding Networks will allow you to manage, scale and secure your Cloud.
Basic Knowledge of Windows Operating System and Windows Operating System: It is essential to have some working experience with Linux and Windows operating system.