• Step-by-step debugging in a Lambda environment allows you to test your code locally
  • Deploy applications in the AWS Region of your choice
  • You can invoke Lambda locally or remotely
  • Specify function configurations, such as an environment variable and event payload.

It is developed under an open-source Apache License 2.0 license. The project has received 602 stars on GitHub and resources are available such as:

  • A Quick Start Guide provides a summary of the toolkit as well as common tasks.
  • A User Guide with instructions on how to get up and running
  • Debugging NodeJS Lambda Functions
  • Debugging Python Lambda Functions
  • Debugging.NET Core Lambda functions

A July 11 announcement posted details the prerequisites for setting up an AWS account, access key, and connecting to the toolkit. It also outlines steps to create serverless AWS apps. In addition to serverless applications that were available at the initial GA launch, AWS now supports.NET, Node.js, and Python applications. AWS stated that the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code offers an integrated experience for creating serverless applications. You can quickly get started with the built-in project templates, which use the AWS Serverless Application Model to define and configure resources. The integrated toolkit provides a step-by-step experience for debugging serverless applications using the AWS CLI. It also makes it easy to deploy your applications directly from the IDE.