Dan Stober

Global Portfolio Director for IT Management and best practices at Global Knowledge, Dan Stober is responsible for the Project Management and Business Analysis portfolios. Dan is also responsible for the Leadership and Business Skills portfolios and various business partner relationships. Since March 2014, Dan has been a Global Knowledge Business Skills instructor and Portfolio director. Dan was the Deputy Director for Logistics for the 2nd Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division. Dan received many prestigious leadership awards during his time in the Army. He was also named Distinguished Leadership Graduate from his Officer Candidate school class. This webinar will cover: IntroductionTypes and characteristics of successful teams. Timeframes and measurement of team purpose. People skills. The Importance of Good Communication. High-Performance Team ModelPhases of Development Breakthrough Point Team PurposeDefining Team Purpose Outcome Measurement Timeframe Team Purpose Statement People SkillsThe Importance of Good Communication Active Listening The Decision-Making Process Process SkillsEffective Teams Establish and Follow Processes Problem Analysis The Decision-Making Process Rules of ConductTeam Rules of Conduct Creating Rules of Conduct Dealing with Team ProblemsProblem-Solving Process Common Team Problems and Possible Solutions Team Roles and Responsibilities Motivating the TeamMotivation and High-Performance Teams Related Courses Active Leadership for IT Professionals