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Professional: Check Point CCMA, Check Point CMSE+ VSX, Check Point CMSE+ Provider-1, Check Point CSE+ Check Point SE, Check Point CSA. Expertise in security products and networking from Cisco, Juniper and Sonicwall.
Since 2009, CBT
When I’m not creating CBT Nuggets videos you can find me… working in the role of Senior Network Engineer supporting large law firms’ network and data center operations. I support products from Check Point and Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Microsoft. My 6-year-old son, and my wife, are also my favorite people. We love the Texas Rangers, and we watch every game.
Favorite Nugget – SSL VPN [Check Point Security, CCSE]
Being a trainer is my favorite part. Knowledge is power. When you share your knowledge, people can do amazing things.
IT training is something that I am passionate about because it gives me great satisfaction and gives me a sense of accomplishment to help people with new technology. I want people to be excited about their lives. IT can change people’s lives and provide a pathway to greatness.
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