These top-rated tools for nonprofit project management will help you organize your campaigns and keep your donors and volunteers up to date.
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Your nonprofit has many tasks to manage, including keeping sponsors informed and coordinating volunteers. It’s much easier to keep up with all the details if you have the right tools. Project management software could be the best investment for your nonprofit.
Nonprofits use project management software for ongoing campaigns, communication with donors and volunteers, and coordination of responsibilities with their teams. A project management tool can help you manage your tasks better from start to finish, which will ultimately lead to more projects being completed on-time and within budget.
Are you new to project management software? You are new to project management software?

4.6/5.023 reviews
ClickUp is a project management tool that helps your team plan, organize and collaborate. ClickUp’s platform features recurring checklists as well as an agile board view to support process, time and task management.
ClickUp allows your nonprofit to keep track of corporate sponsorships and donations. This data can be used to create custom reports for donors. Their customizable forms feature can be used to create volunteer applications and to explain various volunteer opportunities.
You can also assign tasks to your team and use calendar view for a schedule. ClickUp’s time-tracking feature allows you to keep track of what volunteers have done and how long it took to complete the job. ClickUp also offers a discount to nonprofits who use their tool.
ClickUp (Source): A summary of task management
Here’s what Capterra reviewers have to say about ClickUp.

Here are the pros and cons for ClickUp as rated by Capterra reviewers.
Nonprofit users…
Nonprofit users…
ClickUp’s reviews page provides more detailed opinions and pros.

Evernote Business
4.6/5.030 Reviews
Evernote Business is a project management platform and collaboration platform that increases visibility for teams on projects, workflows and deadlines.
Evernote allows your team to create, share, store, and manage important documents in one place. The team can access and edit documents from any device. This is a great feature to keep volunteers informed, no matter where they may be.
Evernote has a variety of templates to help you organize your team, from project trackers and chore charts to business plans. Evernote’s “spaces” feature acts as a virtual conference, and even has a bulletin board. You can create spaces to allow volunteers to know where to find updates and assignments.
Evernote offers a discount for nonprofits who use their tool, just like ClickUp. Visit this page to find out more.
Evernote offers a team “space” that allows users to share information and view updates about projects (Source).
Here’s what Capterra reviewers have to say about Evernote Business.
Here are the pros and cons for Evernote Business as rated by Capterra reviewers.
Nonprofit users…
Nonprofit users…
To read more reviews about Evernote, including pros and cons, visit Evernote’s Reviews page.

4.5/5.032 reviews
Jira is a work management and issue tracking tool that enables teams to collaborate on projects and provide a wide range of features. Jira has project management and reporting capabilities. The tool is also highly configurable so you can customize it to suit your needs.