You must earn 60 PDUs each year if you are a PMP-certified professional. This is a prerequisite to renewing and retaining your PMP certification. In previous posts, we have covered the details of obtaining PMP PDUs and PMP PDU requirements. One of the 10 alternatives to earning PDUs is by attending free PMP PDU webinars or listening to free PMP PDU podcasts.
Important: Many people mistakenly confuse the contact hours you need to sit for the PMP exam with the PDU hours you must earn in order to renew your PMP certificate. You can also read our free PMP PDU article if you have any questions.
Education category includes free PMP PDU webinars, and free PMP PDU podcasts. There are five ways to earn PMP PDU in education category. These are:
Course or Training
Organizational Meetings
Online or digital media
Informal Learning

There are PDU limits and categories that you need to follow when earning PMP PDUs. The entire PMI PDU Guide can be accessed here. The following figure summarises the PDU limits and PDU categories.
To retain your PMP certification, it is necessary to earn at least 35 education-category PDUs. These PDUs must include at least 8 PDUs from each PMI talent triangle category. Maximum 25 PDUs can be earned from the Giving Back category. You can also submit maximum 8 PDUs for the work as a practitioner subcategory.
You should note that although 35 PDUs is the minimum requirement for education, there is no upper limit. All 60 PDUs can be earned from the education category.
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PMP PDU webinars are free and PMP PDU podcasts are available for free. These webinars fall under the Online or Digital Media subcategory. We will list four PMP PDU webinars where you can earn 2 PDUs, and one PMP PDU podcast which will bring you 2 PMP PDUs. If you complete the resources listed here, you will receive 4 PMP PDUs.
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*The Best Method to Get PMP PDU
For PMP PDU, you can enroll in an online course such as our 60 PMP Bundle. You can take the PMP PDU courses at your own pace and from anywhere you like.
PMP PDU distribution for each course in our 60 PMP PDU Bundle is (for PMI Talent Triangle categories Technical, Strategic, and Leadership) as follows.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training – 12, 9, 9 = 30 PMP PDU
Agile Scrum Certification Training – 4, 4, 4 = 12 PMP PDU
IT Service Management Certification Training – 5, 4, = 14 PMP PDU
Microsoft Project Training – 1, 2, or 1 PMP PDU
After completing the courses, you will be able to claim your PDUs as directed in this link.

Our 60 PMP PDU bundle is in the E-Learning subcategory under Education category. You will also be able to earn 60 PDUs by enrolling in Six Sigma, ITIL and Microsoft Project courses.
We will now see the free PMP PDU webinars, and the free PMP PDU podcasts individually.
Free PMP PDU Webinars
A webinar is short for Web-based seminar. It is a presentation or lecture, workshop, or seminar that is transmitted via the Internet using video conferencing software. Webinars are usually live lectures, presentations, or workshops that take place in real-time. In some cases, however, recording webinars can be helpful in earning free PMP PDU.
We offer four free PMP PDU webinars as Master of Project Academy. These are actually free courses for Six Sigma and ITIL certifications as well as Agile, Prince2 and Prince2 certifications. Our course structure allows for this.