You must renew any EC-Council certifications you hold (ENSA, CND CEH, CEH/CHFI, ECSA/LPT/ECVP, ECCISO, CEIH, ECDR-VT), CAST, ECES and CIMP) every three years. According to the EC-Council ECE policy, CEH certifications must be renewed every three years if you have it.
Your EC-council certification could be canceled and you will need to retake the certification exam in order to regain your certification. We have provided details about the EC-Council ECE Policy in this post. Learn all about the EC-Council certification renewal.
EC-Council ECE Requirements
Like other reputable certifications, EC-Council ECE policies require that certified professionals keep their knowledge and experiences up to date with the changing market dynamics. EC-Council ECE policy outlines the need to recertify.
“The certification body shall determine recertification requirements based on the competence standard and other relevant documents to ensure that the certified individual continues to comply with current certification requirements.”
According to EC Council ECE requirements, you can keep your knowledge current through a variety of sources, including education, seminars, writing books, and contributing to the profession. This post will cover the most common methods of earning EC-Council credit.
To renew your EC-Council certificate, you must earn 120 credits each three years if you have an EC-Council certificate.
The credits submissions are required by EC-Council each year. To renew your EC-Council certification, you will need to submit 40 ECEs each calendar year.

An annual membership fee is another requirement for EC-Council recertification. This fee is $80 per annum.

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What happens if I don’t submit ECEs or renew my EC-Council certification?
EC-Council may suspend your certification if you fail to earn 120 ECEs within three years. Your EC-council certification will be suspended. You cannot use the EC-Council logos or designations.
Your EC-council certification can be suspended. You can still earn 120 ECEs within a year of expiration. Your certification can also be re-instantiated. EC-Council will require 120 credits to renew your EC-council certificate. This is to ensure that you do not fall in suspension for the next three-year period. To avoid certification suspension, we recommend that you earn EC-Council credit each year and submit them in a timely manner.
If the certified professional fails to meet the EC-Council recertification requirements during the suspension period, his or her certification may be revoked. To regain your EC-Council certification, you will need to re-enter the exam and pass it again.
You can contact the EC-Council within one year of suspension or revocation if you have any questions.
EC-Council ECE Audit
EC-Council doesn’t require evidence for submissions. They may ask for additional documentation to verify compliance with submitted credits with the EC Council ECE program.
If you have attended a training and EC-Council audits your training, you can present your letter of enrollment from the training provider or certificate of completion to prove that you participated in ECE activities. If EC-Council is auditing your ECE submissions you can contact your activity provider to receive the relevant documents.
How do I submit earned EC-Council credits?
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