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2022 PMP PDU Webinars for FREE – 100% Online and 4 PMP Podcasts

You must earn 60 PDUs each year if you are a PMP-certified professional. This is a prerequisite to renewing and retaining your PMP certification. In previous posts, we have covered the details of obtaining PMP PDUs and PMP PDU requirements. One of the 10 alternatives to earning PDUs is by attending free PMP PDU webinars or listening to free PMP PDU podcasts.
Important: Many people mistakenly confuse the contact hours you need to sit for the PMP exam with the PDU hours you must earn in order to renew your PMP certificate. You can also read our free PMP PDU article if you have any questions.
Education category includes free PMP PDU webinars, and free PMP PDU podcasts. There are five ways to earn PMP PDU in education category. These are:
Course or Training
Organizational Meetings
Online or digital media
Informal Learning

There are PDU limits and categories that you need to follow when earning PMP PDUs. The entire PMI PDU Guide can be accessed here. The following figure summarises the PDU limits and PDU categories.
To retain your PMP certification, it is necessary to earn at least 35 education-category PDUs. These PDUs must include at least 8 PDUs from each PMI talent triangle category. Maximum 25 PDUs can be earned from the Giving Back category. You can also submit maximum 8 PDUs for the work as a practitioner subcategory.
You should note that although 35 PDUs is the minimum requirement for education, there is no upper limit. All 60 PDUs can be earned from the education category.
Watch our video “How can you earn free PDUs?”

PMP PDU webinars are free and PMP PDU podcasts are available for free. These webinars fall under the Online or Digital Media subcategory. We will list four PMP PDU webinars where you can earn 2 PDUs, and one PMP PDU podcast which will bring you 2 PMP PDUs. If you complete the resources listed here, you will receive 4 PMP PDUs.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. Also, add on the safe senders list in order to receive our emails. If you need to quickly complete your 60 PMP PDUs, please see our recommendation below.
*The Best Method to Get PMP PDU
For PMP PDU, you can enroll in an online course such as our 60 PMP Bundle. You can take the PMP PDU courses at your own pace and from anywhere you like.
PMP PDU distribution for each course in our 60 PMP PDU Bundle is (for PMI Talent Triangle categories Technical, Strategic, and Leadership) as follows.
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training – 12, 9, 9 = 30 PMP PDU
Agile Scrum Certification Training – 4, 4, 4 = 12 PMP PDU
IT Service Management Certification Training – 5, 4, = 14 PMP PDU
Microsoft Project Training – 1, 2, or 1 PMP PDU
After completing the courses, you will be able to claim your PDUs as directed in this link.

Our 60 PMP PDU bundle is in the E-Learning subcategory under Education category. You will also be able to earn 60 PDUs by enrolling in Six Sigma, ITIL and Microsoft Project courses.
We will now see the free PMP PDU webinars, and the free PMP PDU podcasts individually.
Free PMP PDU Webinars
A webinar is short for Web-based seminar. It is a presentation or lecture, workshop, or seminar that is transmitted via the Internet using video conferencing software. Webinars are usually live lectures, presentations, or workshops that take place in real-time. In some cases, however, recording webinars can be helpful in earning free PMP PDU.
We offer four free PMP PDU webinars as Master of Project Academy. These are actually free courses for Six Sigma and ITIL certifications as well as Agile, Prince2 and Prince2 certifications. Our course structure allows for this.

2022 PMP PDU Options Free – Get 100% Free PMP PDUs Online

You need to be familiar with PDU if you plan on taking the PMP certification exam. You have landed on this page and should be searching for free PMP PDU resources. Do you know that more than 80% of PMP certified professionals don’t understand what PDU is? Before we discuss PMP PDUs for free, we will address a common misconception regarding PMP PDU.
You don’t need to know the PDU in order to read the following headings
I don’t have PMP certification. I need free PDUs to take the PMP Certification Exam.
I already have a PMP certificate. I need PMP PDU to renew my PMP certification

We strongly recommend that you also read the heading “What is PMP PDU?”
What is PMP PDU?
PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMI awards PMP certification to professionals who have passed the PMP certification exam. To be eligible to sit for the PMP certification exam, every PMP candidate must meet certain PMP requirements.
Attending a 35-hour project management education is one of the requirements for PMP certification. This requirement can be fulfilled by attending a PMP training. Many PMP aspirants confuse contact hours with PDUs. Many PMP aspirants search online for free PMP PDU training or 35 PDU PMP PMP training to fulfill the project management education requirement of PMP certification.
PDU is an abbreviation for professional development unit. PDU is the term that refers to PMP renewal. To retain your PMP certification, you must earn 60 PMP DUs each year if you already have a PMP certificate. There are many ways to get PMP PDUs. You can participate in trainings, webinars, online PMP PDU courses, conferences, or read a book. You can also earn PDUs to renew your PMP certification in many other ways.
With our PM courses, you can earn PDUs online. Check out the PDU matrix matrix to see how many PDUs Master of Project Academy courses have provided.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on your safe senders list to continue receiving our emails. PDU is not recommended if you are studying for the PMP certification exam. To satisfy PMP requirements, you must have 35 hours of PMP education.
What are the 35 hours of self-paced PMP training?

No cost PDUs for the PMP Certification Exam
Are you looking to get free PMP PDU in order to sit for the PMP certification exam? We recommend that you read the section above. Because, you do not need PDUs. To sit for the PMP exam, you will need to complete contact hours in project management education.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on the safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails.
To be eligible to sit for the PMP exam, you must have completed 35 hours of project management education. Many PMP candidates confuse “contact hours” and “PDU” and search for free PMP-approved PDUs to fulfill their PMP education requirements. If you don’t have a PMP certification and you plan to take the PMP exam, then you will need to earn 35 contact hour. Don’t worry. We will also help you to earn contact hours for the PMP exam.
Watch our video “How can you earn free PDUs?”

PDU hours and contact hours are different. PMI has specific guidelines about what they accept as contact hours. This screenshot was taken from PMP handbook. It is the guide for PMP certification exam.

As you can see PM is a very important part of life.

2022 PMI PDU Options Free – Webinars YouTube Courses 100% Incl

PMI project management certifications can help you get a better salary and be an asset on the job market. To enjoy the many benefits of the reputable certifications, you must keep your PMI certifications. PMI requires PMI certification holders to earn PMI PDU hour, and many PMI-certified professionals look for free PMI PDU options to renew or upgrade their certification.
What are the Free PMI PDU Options
Take a free course in project management
Read and download free books and articles about Project Management
Participate in a free webinar, conference online, or in-person
Organise or attend a casual talk about project management with your project group or friends
Write articles, participate in forums, and share your knowledge.
Volunteer to help a non-profit organization or assist someone with their exam preparation
As a professional, i.e. Participate in project management activities.

What is PMI’s Continuing Certification Program (CCR)?
It is a great achievement to earn a PMI certification. This will help you in the job market. It takes dedication and hard work to earn a PMI certification. After passing your PMI certification exam you don’t have to stop there. You must renew and maintain your certification as part of PMI’s Continuing Certificate Requirements program. It is a mandatory requirement to keep your PMI certification valid and active.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on the safe senders list to continue receiving our emails. The Continuing Certification Requirements program (CCR) is designed to support your professional and educational development throughout your PMI certification. The CCR program gives you the opportunity to improve your project management skills. You can also use your skills to help your profession by participating in the CCR program. You have the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills through the CCR program. You can also enhance your professional skills and enrich your personal life in many ways.
With our PM courses, you can earn PDUs online. Check out the PDU matrix matrix to see how many PDUs Master of Project Academy courses have provided.
What is PDU?
You must maintain any PMI certifications (PMP, RMP or PBA), and renew it every three years. You can only renew your certification if you have earned the required number Professional Development Units (PDUs), each year during the three-year renewal cycle.
Master of Project Academy offers a free PMI PDU Training Bundle and 4 PDUs absolutely FREE. Register now

Once you have passed the PMI certification exam, PDUs can be earned. You don’t have to earn PDUs every year. All the PDUs may be earned in three years, two years, or even in one year.
How do I earn PDUs
Earning PDUs can be done in many ways. You can learn something new, create useful materials, read something, or return your skills and experience to your profession. This post will detail all these options and many more ways to earn PDUs. You can find many resources and opportunities online to earn PDUs. These include webinars and training, podcasts, conferences, and others. You can purchase some resources, but you can also use free resources to earn the necessary PDUs.
There are many free PMI PDU online materials, such as short training or webinars. These free PDUs are not required.

2022 Free CAPM Questions and Answers – Assess Your Readiness

The most prestigious certification in project management is CAPM. To pass the CAPM certification exam, you must prepare well. There are 150 questions. To pass the CAPM certification exam, it is important to practice answering questions and practicing CAPM answers.
Take notes when you practice CAPM questions and answer. To strengthen your knowledge, you can go back to the project management knowledge area.
Hint: To pass the CAPM exam on your first attempt, you must download our 100% FREE CAPM Study guide. This study guide was created with the knowledge gained from teaching 100,000 professionals.
We have helped over 200,000 professionals from more than 180 countries to pass the CAPM exam with a 99.6% success rate on their first attempt. Now, we have created a seven-step CAPM study guide. This CAPM study guide can be used to help you create your CAPM prep plan.
This post will cover 20 CAPM questions. We will provide rationales for each CAPM query and answer. You will be able to see the relationship between each CAPM question, and its answers with the PMBOK project management knowledge areas.

Questions and answers #1 CAPM
The head of engineering and a manager discuss a possible change to a major work program. The manager then contacts you to tell you to complete the paperwork in order to make the change. This is an example:
A-) Management attention to scope control.
B-) Management planning.
C-) A project expediter position.
D-) A change control program.

C is the correct answer. The project manager acts as the secretary and handles the paperwork. This is an example for a project expediter position in which the project manager has no authority or power. The project manager is responsible for only paperwork.
Knowledge Area: Organizational Influences & Project Lifecycle
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on the safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails. Questions and answers #2 about CAPM
A team member asks about the measures that will be used to measure performance during a team meeting. One team member feels that not all the measurements related to his activities are valid. Which part of project management is the BEST?
A-) Initiating
B-) Executing
C-) Monitoring and Controlling
D-) Closing
Answer: B. Executing. The question asks whether the team member feels that some of the measures governing his activities are invalid. He must be present during the executing phase, where project deliverables and project members are produced.
Knowledge Area: Project Management Processes
Register for our 100% online and self-paced 1-hour free CAPM training.

Questions and answers #3 about CAPM
Your company has just won a major project. It will be completed in three months and has a value of 2m USD. You are the project manager of an existing project. What should you do the FIRST thing that you hear about the new project?
A-) Ask the management how the new project will use resources
B-) Resource level your project
C-) Crash your Project
D-) Ask your manager how the new project will impact your project
D. Ask your manager how the new project will impact your project. This is yet another project your company will be executing, so you need to know how it will affect your project.
Knowledge Area: Integration Management Knowledge Area
Watch our video “CAPM(r), exam questions and answers”.

Questions and answers #4 for CAPM
You are a brand new project manager and have never managed a project before. In this situation, it would be best to rely on _____ during pla

2022 EC Council ECE Policy – How to Renew CEH Certification & Other

You must renew any EC-Council certifications you hold (ENSA, CND CEH, CEH/CHFI, ECSA/LPT/ECVP, ECCISO, CEIH, ECDR-VT), CAST, ECES and CIMP) every three years. According to the EC-Council ECE policy, CEH certifications must be renewed every three years if you have it.
Your EC-council certification could be canceled and you will need to retake the certification exam in order to regain your certification. We have provided details about the EC-Council ECE Policy in this post. Learn all about the EC-Council certification renewal.
EC-Council ECE Requirements
Like other reputable certifications, EC-Council ECE policies require that certified professionals keep their knowledge and experiences up to date with the changing market dynamics. EC-Council ECE policy outlines the need to recertify.
“The certification body shall determine recertification requirements based on the competence standard and other relevant documents to ensure that the certified individual continues to comply with current certification requirements.”
According to EC Council ECE requirements, you can keep your knowledge current through a variety of sources, including education, seminars, writing books, and contributing to the profession. This post will cover the most common methods of earning EC-Council credit.
To renew your EC-Council certificate, you must earn 120 credits each three years if you have an EC-Council certificate.
The credits submissions are required by EC-Council each year. To renew your EC-Council certification, you will need to submit 40 ECEs each calendar year.

An annual membership fee is another requirement for EC-Council recertification. This fee is $80 per annum.

Check out our EC-Council ECE credit training video

What happens if I don’t submit ECEs or renew my EC-Council certification?
EC-Council may suspend your certification if you fail to earn 120 ECEs within three years. Your EC-council certification will be suspended. You cannot use the EC-Council logos or designations.
Your EC-council certification can be suspended. You can still earn 120 ECEs within a year of expiration. Your certification can also be re-instantiated. EC-Council will require 120 credits to renew your EC-council certificate. This is to ensure that you do not fall in suspension for the next three-year period. To avoid certification suspension, we recommend that you earn EC-Council credit each year and submit them in a timely manner.
If the certified professional fails to meet the EC-Council recertification requirements during the suspension period, his or her certification may be revoked. To regain your EC-Council certification, you will need to re-enter the exam and pass it again.
You can contact the EC-Council within one year of suspension or revocation if you have any questions.
EC-Council ECE Audit
EC-Council doesn’t require evidence for submissions. They may ask for additional documentation to verify compliance with submitted credits with the EC Council ECE program.
If you have attended a training and EC-Council audits your training, you can present your letter of enrollment from the training provider or certificate of completion to prove that you participated in ECE activities. If EC-Council is auditing your ECE submissions you can contact your activity provider to receive the relevant documents.
How do I submit earned EC-Council credits?
All EC council

Are You missing this critical piece of your project? Missing – Robert S. Donovan via Flickr I have one item that I want to address today. I would love to hear your examples in comments. This is something I’ve forgotten to do when planning projects in the past and it’s something that I see project managers forget about. It’s easy to point out, but it’s not necessary if you’re not in the pit with alligators. Monitor & Control Work Appropriately. I was once in a situation when the scope of my project was constantly changing. This happens to all projects, regardless of their size or complexity. It’s a natural process. This one was especially bad. I was curious to know how much time was spent on replening activities. How much time did the other project managers spend? ?The project controllers? ? Myself? What is all this re-planning going to cost us in terms time, dollars, quality? The obvious was immediately apparent to me. The project team was also affected. They had to re-estimate tasks and consider the impacts of the changes. Every step of the process. ?Where was this track? Nowhere. Yikes! Iain Farrell via Flickr Nowhere. Project Planning. This is a common error when creating a WBS or defining the scope for your project. Sure, your WBS has a “project management” section at level 2. Do engineers get charged for this if their attention is diverted from getting things done and instead goes to project management related activities. The time they spend on re-planning is deducted from time they would have spent designing, writing code, or doing any other job related to your project. If they properly record the time, you can use it. It’s a wasted opportunity if they charge it as normal work. But why track it anyway? I don’t advocate that you track it just for the sake. Only track what makes sense. This gives you some benefits that you might want to consider:

  • It allows you to see the impact of re-planning on your project. This will allow you to see the impact on schedule, budget, quality by not hiding the diverted work.
  • It allows you to manage your stakeholders. It can provide data on past impacts to project work that result from large scope changes. This will help you ensure that change requests are only submitted and approved when the value is greater than the costs.
  • This helps you make better estimates for the future. Knowing what it takes to respond to scope change can help you plan better.

Comment now. Share your experience with the community

Are You Legit? Shelly, who recently discovered pmStudent, sent me a series of questions. Shelly: These videos are for PM’s who have completed their education and are ready to start their career. Shelly: If so, what education would you need to make your system most useful?Me : I don’t assume that you have any previous experience or training in project management. Shelly: That’s a great question. I think the best way is to follow my articles at?,?,?, connect with me on?LinkedIn?and?Facebook, join the?PM Career LinkedIn group, etc. You’ll quickly get to know me and my passions. These resources will give you great ideas, and you can also get to know me. If you’re unsure about purchasing my training, it’s normal. I’m not someone you’ve ever interacted with before. Thank you for your question! Don’t get scammed! I have written about things that seemed suspicious in the world of online project management, and offered some tips on what to look out for. Apart from the website’s appearance, it is important to get to know the people behind the certification or training. You’ll feel comfortable with someone if you’ve been following them for a while and have gotten to know their personality and how they work.

  • Are they really trying to help people? Are they really trying to help people or are they just trying make a quick buck.
  • Are they new or have they been around for a while?
  • Do they reply to emails you send?

Do They Love What They Do? Can you tell? I believe the most important thing about interacting with someone online is to determine if they truly love what they do. Are they sincere? Do they love helping people? PM Prepcast was my first online training program. But I didn’t just click on a sale page and buy it instantly. Through the PM Podcast, I got to know Cornelius Fichtner and even emailed him several times with questions about project management. It was obvious that Cornelius Fichtner was the real deal. When I needed to purchase great training for the PMP exam, I knew who I could trust. After I bought it, I was so impressed that it is the only PMP training program that I recommend. Trust must be earned over time. It’s not something that you feel instantly for someone when you first meet them or visit their website. Cornelius is a great friend and will not steer anyone wrong if referred to me. But trust was earned over time. To close, I urge everyone to be cautious and do your research before making any major purchase online or offline. You can buy training or other items online from real people. In real life, some people are in it for love while others aren’t. What have your experiences been with online training? It can be a great way to start your due diligence by listening to the experiences of others in a similar situation. Please leave your comments!

Are you eligible for the PMP exam?

Flickr Attribution – worak
You have heard about the benefits of being a PMP, and you are now ready to take the exam!
Great! Before you begin to prepare for the exam, take a moment to verify your eligibility. This article will help you do just that.
What is the eligibility criteria?
(1) If you have a Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, you should be able show at least 4500 hours of project-management experience. Otherwise, you should show at least 7500 hours. This experience must be applicable to all five process groups. You should also indicate your experience in Initiating and Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing process groups. However, relax! It doesn’t mean that you need to be proficient in every aspect of every project you have worked on. You might have joined a project during the execution phase, but not in the planning or initiating phases. You might have left a project mid-way through planning and initiating it. In this scenario, you would not have been able to participate in the ‘Closing” activity for this project. This is all fine and acceptable provided that you have experience in at least one of these process groups.
(2) You must have completed at most 35 hours of Project Management education. When filling out the application form, you will need to provide the start and end dates, as well as the name and course number of the course provider. You can either attend training classes offered by your employer, or you might choose to take online courses. You might also be able to attend classroom-based sessions that are offered by different training institutions. You should ensure that the course only covers Project Management topics. This audio training course is another option to earn 35 contact hours.
You don’t need to submit any documentation proving your education or experience at the time you submit your application for the exam. These documents may not even be required. If you are selected for an audit, the only time that you will need to provide documentation of your education and experiences is when your application is accepted. It is always a good idea to have documentation of your education and experience in case you need them.
Remember that your PMI membership is required to fill out your examination form. This is because you will have access to additional study material and also financial benefits. You will need to pay USD555 if you apply for the exam but not become a PMI member. If you apply for the exam and become a PMI Member, you will need to pay USD 555. This amounts to USD 534. Which option would you choose? I prefer to become a PMP member before anything else. You must apply for the exam within one year after becoming a PMI member. Otherwise, your membership would expire and you would have to pay USD 555 again for the exam.
Get ready to take your PMP exam!

Are you a smart PM or a wise project manager?

Guest post by Mike Clayton (author of Smart to Wise).
What is the difference between smart and wise?
I believe we all know smart when it is presented to us. I will be honest and say that most, if not all, of the PM Student readers are smart. Smart people can get things done. You will be able to sense the direction of the wind and will want to invest in future opportunities.
One word that is often used in conjunction with?smart?” is?savvy? Is?savvy?. Savvy is derived from the French verb “savoir?” It means?to be knowledgeable?. If you are smart and savvy, you will know stuff. That’s great. But how do you make use of that knowledge?
Smart to Wise defines wisdom as:
The ability to use your knowledge well
This is a great asset for project managers. I also identify seven pillars on which wisdom is built. This blog will summarize one way each applies to project management.

1: Self-Mastery
Self-mastery is about knowing what you want so that you can concentrate on it. This should be easy for any smart PM to grasp. However, it is also important to be able practice detachment. This does not mean that you should be a laissez-faire, don’t-care attitude towards your project. This would be disengagement.
You should not become emotionally involved in your project to the point that you lose your objectivity. Worse, if you get too attached to your project, you run the risk of losing your self-respect. So that you can see your project as an intimate reflection about yourself, and if it succeeds, you can also see it as a learning opportunity.
Personal resilience is a key skill at the highest levels of project management. It makes the difference between a competent project manager or an exceptional leader.
2: Perception
It is essential to be able to use all your senses to evaluate the evidence in front of you. Project managers are immersed in a sea o of opinions, data, and personalities. When you can synthesize all of this into an accurate assessment and an insightful forecast of the future, people will turn to you for guidance and advice.
3. Evolution
This is a part of what you already have if you are a PM Student. It is the drive to learn, grow, and develop. Too many PMs settle in to a PM role after passing their exams and then stop learning. They are project managers, so they are too busy.
The harvest metaphor is however instructive. If you harvest, but don’t fertilise or sow until later in the year then the soil will soon become dry. You must never stop learning as a PM. You must learn from outside the project management discipline. True wisdom requires a wide range of ideas and inspiration. This includes the arts, science, and modern culture.
4 Conduct
You will spend a lot of time as a project manager in front of your team, representing your client or organisation to others. What is more important than the conduct you set for your team and instil in others? ?
5: Judgment
In any field of life, good judgement is essential. If your job involves making decisions or advising others (as PMs do), then critical thinking skills are a must. However, PMs are particularly skilled in forecasting, which is a key area of judgment.
Wisdom is the ability to use your experience and evidence to create a solid plan that is rooted in rational assumptions, based on care.

Approaching Project Management Interviews, Project Definition and New Subscribers Shout Out!

I would like to try something different, highlighting the most valuable comments received in the past week.
I love getting comments on blog posts and participating in the discussion.
Approaching Project Management Interviews
Jennifer Bedell shared a great story about her approach to the interview process on “How to Connect with People in Your Target Organizations”.
She shared a story about a situation in which she had no contacts within the hiring company, and how she handled the whole thing. This is a must-read!
Project Definition
Questions and debate are the best way to clarify and mold ideas. ?Aravind did the same with me on “What Is A Project-Goldilocks Edition” about managing cost in the definition and execution of a project.
It’s worth a look!
New members of the community
I also want to shout out new subscribers who are taking action in order to improve their careers.
Project Management Career Advice That Works – Welcome to 72 new members
PMP Exam Study Tips That Work – Welcome to 62 New Members!
All, welcome! It’s great to see you here, gaining value from the information I put out there, and I love the email discussions and comments we have.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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