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What’s the buzz about virtualization?

IT is a buzzword-rich industry. There are many new and exciting technologies being discussed. Virtualization was once a hot topic. Although it was common to hear about virtualization, few people knew how to use it.
I had the opportunity to work for a new start-up in San Jose/Bay Area when I graduated college. Chico State was just graduating from my communications major and I was eager to find something new. Although I had never been in the tech industry before, many of my friends from San Jose were already involved in the many technology companies that reside in my hometown. This was my chance to join a friend’s company that specialized in virtualization. We wanted to be the next big virtualization vendor and help SMB’s migrate to virtualization, as well as provide consulting services to help them realize these wonderful benefits.
I learned quickly how to explain the benefits and advantages of virtualization to an audience that didn’t know much about the topic. I would use visuals and ROI calculations to impress potential clients. I would then invite my business partners to come in and answer any technical questions. This would close the presentation. Because even though they knew the “buzz word”, many people didn’t know why they should adopt this technology. Our mission was to demonstrate that virtualization is an asset to any IT department and has many benefits.
My pitch was that a virtualized environment could help a company reduce their environmental footprint by creating an efficient department with proven savings. These savings were in hardware – “Let’s actually USE our servers for what they can accomplish, instead of wasting many of their resources.” This is possible because virtualizing servers allows you to run multiple systems on the same hardware. You can take a server that was previously used for one purpose and divide it to run multiple tasks. Instead of having a datacenter full of energy-sucking servers that take up tons of warehouse space, you can consolidate this mess and make the most of each server’s capabilities.
I tried to show the daily hardships IT departments face when it came to desktop virtualization. The desktops would crash, and the IT admin would need to fix it. IT staff would be able to focus on the basics and not worry about larger-picture items that would ultimately help their company grow. Virtualizing your desktop environment means that if you have a problem, you can simply shut down the computer and start a new one. This will save time and resources, and allow IT to concentrate on high-paying activities instead of daily maintenance.
It’s funny how years later, I still work with this technology and know that virtualization was not a trend. Because of its many benefits, companies are dedicating teams and resources to virtualization technology. Virtualization was once a buzzword, but businesses have learned that not all trends will be obsolete. Virtualization has proven its benefits and the industry has reacted in large numbers.
If I had known then what I now know, I might just be writing this from a remote island. For now, I am able to understand why this technology has been around so long.
Below are 5 ways virtualization can benefit your business.
Hardware costs can be reduced
Faster server provisioning and deployment
Excellent Disaster Recovery
Energy Cost Savings of Significant Value
Productivity Increased
New Horizons is constantly discussing IT with clients and leading vendors. We also discuss industry trends and real-life problems. Because of these close partnerships, New Horizons can help businesses like yours use our knowledge experts to discuss strategies and implementation as well as troubleshooting.
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The Next Tech Trend You Need to know…Hyper-Innovation

Welcome to the Era of Hyper-Innovation
Citrix conducted a survey at the end of 2020 to assess how corporate leaders were responding to the unexpected challenges and opportunities presented to them by the COVID-19 pandemic. Citrix found that the “rupture of corporate landscape cemented the expectations of business leaders of a bright, techno-enable future of work.” This next phase of corporate collaboration was powered by a significant increase of the adoption of new tools within the workforce. The paradigm shift happened faster than anyone could have expected. Business leaders (88%) stated that new tools had significantly improved their ability to work together within six months of the global lockdowns’ inception.
It is evident that industry leaders are willing to buy in. Companies attribute an average of 45% to their growth in the past fiscal year to innovation in their products, services and working environments. Research shows that every 1% increase of innovation spending leads to a 1.95% rise in overall revenue. These numbers are enough to make it clear that 4 out of 5 business leaders are determined to bring their companies into hyper-innovation by investing in “tech powered hybrid working.” 49% have increased their investments for this next phase.

Where do companies rank when it comes innovation? The majority of business leaders think their companies are either “moderately innovative” (or “newly-innovative”), while 32% of top-tier executives believe their organizations are “hyper-innovative.” This refers to organizations where innovation is central to their mission and the ability to come up with new ideas.
Some industries needed to completely change the way they look at innovation. Retail, for example, was faced with challenges they hadn’t tackled before and had to rethink the way they did business. Retail business is now at the top of innovative industries because it has to keep up with customers and their competitors. 83% of retail business leaders allow their employees autonomy to solve problems and find solutions. This is in contrast to 68% of Professional Services, who are not subject to such intense pressure to innovate. Similar increases in innovation were also observed in Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Healthcare.
Amy Haworth, Senior Director for Employee Experience at Citrix, says that “Crisis-driven adaption has not only transformed organizations but also changed the mindset of employees.” Collaboration is more than a tool investment. Surveys were conducted to find out how business leaders approach hybrid work. Companies have been innovating across all industries, not only in technology infrastructure and tools, but also in employee well-being and working methods. Although not all industries saw the same increase in R&D investments and innovative recruiting techniques, there was a significant increase in spending in the Healthcare sector.
Here is where it all comes together. Companies that are more innovative have higher levels of collaboration between their employees. 44% of hyper-innovative businesses saw improvement in collaboration, while only 22% reported any increase.
The next phase in the post-pandemic economy’s evolution is already underway. Many organizations are likely to adopt a hyper-innovation mindset with 32% of them already doing so. 84% of companies stated that they will try new ways of working in future. 70% also said they would invest more in new technology tools. The longer they wait, however, the more they will fall behind their competitors. In order to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive market, it is crucial to create a collaborative and innovative workplace that incorporates hybrid work. However, optimism is high and Hyper-Innovators will see a rise in their stock prices.

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New Azure-Based Certifications

Microsoft announced six new tracks last week at Microsoft Ignite for job-based certifications. These exams were primarily focused on Azure certification exams. They provide technology professionals with more opportunities to prove their skills and grow their Azure expertise as they advance in their careers.
The new exams are designed to test the skills required for three of the Modern IT Job Roles as identified by the Azure team: Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, and Azure Solutions Architect. This is because developers and IT operators have repeatedly spoken out about the need to have certification and training in Azure to ensure they have the most up-to-date information. It is crucial to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and methodologies, given the rapid innovation of Azure.
The Microsoft Azure Administrator certification will allow you to learn the core components and enable you to deploy, manage, and build applications on our global network.
AZ – 100: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure & Deployment ExamAZ 101: Microsoft Azure Integration & Security ExamAzure developer
The Microsoft Azure Developer learning pathway will provide you with in-depth knowledge about Azure that will allow you to build cloud solutions and integrate cloud services. To get this certification, you must pass:
AZ-200 Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions ExaminationAZ – 201 Microsoft Azure Developer Advanced Solutions ExaminationIf you are a developer, database administrator, or system administrator, the Microsoft Azure Developer learning pathway will help you gain additional skills that will improve your job performance. You will also learn the skills required to plan and implement a multi-cloud strategy.
Azure Solutions Architect
Learn the skills required to design solutions that allow your company to use the most popular cloud provider platform Azure. A Microsoft Azure Solution Architect should have experience in Compute, Network Storage, Security, and Security. You must be able to plan solutions that meet your business’ needs to succeed in this role.
AZ – 300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies ExamAZ – 301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design ExamStart a learning path
Up your game with a learning path tailored to today’s developer and technology masterminds and designed to prepare you for industry-recognizedMicrosoft certifications. The basics are the first step, then you can move on to more advanced methods that address real-world problems. New Horizons’ Microsoft training is tailored to meet your needs and take you where you want.
CERTIFICATIONSINSTRUCTOR-LED TRAININGMORE LEARNINGJump-start your career and demonstrate your achievements through industry-recognized Microsoft certifications.Explore allSharpen your technology skills with in-depth, on-demand training in virtual classrooms led by Microsoft Certified Trainers.Select a courseChoose from a wide range of programs designed to fit your learning needs and help you take your IT skills and your career to the next level.Contact Us for more Azure Training solutions

Retiring Azure Exams & Certifications
The current Azure certifications that provided the Azure-focused core to the MCSA: Cloud Platform, MCSE: Cloud Platform, and Infrastructure certification paths will be retiring December 31, 2018. The MCSA and MCSE certifications will not be retiring, but they will be replaced by the following Azure-related certification exams. These exams are not being retired. You will need to move on to the new exams or pass them by December 31, 2018.
70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions70-533 : Implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions70-535 : Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions The following Azure-focused certifications will also be retired on December 31, 2018.
MCSE: Cloud Platform & InfrastructureMCSA: Linux on AzureMCSA : Cloud Platform

Microsoft Office 365 is Smarter through the Cloud

Microsoft is a major player in business productivity around the globe. Because of their reliability and effectiveness, the company’s high-tech products have been a favorite of workers for decades. This is especially true for the Microsoft Office products, which are used in almost every industry and sector.
However, just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft has always been driven to innovation, which is why the company made its most recent announcement. Microsoft hosted the Ignite Conference and announced that Office 365 would be receiving major improvements in the near future. This development would be based on cloud-based technology and is intended to help businesses work more efficiently. Microsoft dedicated an entire blog post to this exciting venture.
Efficiency is essential for any enterprise. Let’s take a quick look at what this announcement means for the platform.
“A lost file is one of the biggest productivity killers.”
Tap for Word or Outlook
A lost file is one of the biggest productivity killers. A lost file can make it difficult to write a report. In the past, you had to go through your files and try to remember what it was called. This not only takes you out of the application, but it also distracts you from your main task. Even if you do find the content, you will lose your focus and have to start over.
These mishaps led to the new Tap feature for Word and Outlook. This function allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. Tap creates a sidebar with content created by you or a co-worker within Office 365. These options are available when you create a Word document or an email in Outlook. All you have to do is scroll through them and select the one you need.
This is because you don’t have to leave the current application to search for the file you are looking for. Tap has a search function that won’t force you to quit your current work. This makes it easy to share and use resources within the company.
PowerPoint Designer
Many people fall asleep during meetings, which is a sad fact in the business world. Microsoft can help you get the attention of your listeners. Microsoft has just launched thePowerPoint Designer tool that will help you create presentations that grab the attention and interest of your audience.
Microsoft created this new system with the help of designers. Their expertise, combined with cloud-based technology, will give you a varietyof “blueprints” when you choose an image for a slide. You can create eye-popping presentations with the help of more than 12,000 outlines.
People often focus on what they’re doing, and forget about how they’re working. It is important to understand your work flow in order to improve efficiency. However, it is not easy. There are many factors to consider, and this is not something you can do on top of your actual work load. Microsoft decided to do the job for you using MyAnalytics.
MyAnalytics can help you manage your time better.
This tool tracks your work day and shows you where you spend the most time. MyAnalytics tracks everything, from emails to “focus time”, which can help you plan for future projects. You can even set goals and track how well you use your time to achieve them. MyAnalytics analyzes your meetings and provides some fascinating insights.
While it is a necessity to meet with colleagues and other partners, it can also be a time drain. You’re not only wasting time, but you’re also losing the focus you had before you had to put your hand up. MyAnalytics can help you improve your efficiency in this area.
Office 365 offers a lot of benefits to businesses. As Microsoft continues to develop it, the value of being proficient with this platform will only grow. To take advantage of the increasing demand for this skill, it makes sense to start learning Office 365 through courses and certification programs.

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LinkedIn confirms that IT skills are the most valuable in 2015.

It is no secret that IT skills are highly valued in today’s economy. It is impossible to run a business without technology and the jobs that are associated with them are in high demand. It was therefore not surprising that LinkedIn researchers found that tech-based skills were the 25 most sought-after skills in the U.S. in 2015.
Twenty percent of the top 25 skills were actually related to technology or IT systems. This is a simple echo of a sentiment many in the job marketplace already know: Computer-based training is one the best ways to advance your career.
The cloud is hot right this moment
The number one spot was taken by cloud and distributed computing. This was not surprising to anyone who has been following current IT trends. RightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud Survey revealed that 82 percent of companies are using hybrid cloud. This is a remarkable increase over the 74 per cent who did it in 2014. It is clear that this technology is rapidly gaining popularity.
As the cloud becomes more popular, so will the need for people who can work with it. This not only increases the demand for cloud-based training, but also raises salaries in the field. While IT workers have been well compensated in the past, those who work with the cloud can expect to make a lot more in the future.
PayScale reports that a Senior Manager for Software in the Cloud can expect a median salary of $134,125. A Product Manager for Software in Cloud can expect a median salary at $134,125. This is a lot more than the average American worker’s salary. It takes more than basic computer training to work with the cloud. Also, it takes a lot of effort and time to develop these skills. However, those who are willing to put in the effort will reap the rewards in the future.
Programming also landed a few spots
Programming ranked higher than cloud computing skills this year, but it still managed to grab a few spots on the edition. Every language, from Java to Python, was included on the list. C++ even made an appearance. Programming is the engine behind many technological advances of today, so it makes sense that employers value these skills.
Programming is the key to developing apps, videogames, and other pieces of business software. These types of applications won’t be going away anytime soon. These skills are valued by employers and programmers are rewarded accordingly. These workers can expect to earn $87,795, despite the fact that programmers are in high demand today. PayScale reported that programmers can earn more than $9,000 per year in bonuses, which makes programming skills even more valuable.
These skills will be valuable well into 2016.
These skills are still valuable even though 2015 is over. Technology will be a major focus in 2016, if not more, than 2015. Modern companies cannot function without an efficient IT department. Those who are skilled in this field will do exceptionally well in the years ahead.
These skills are not easy to acquire. It takes time and effort to accumulate the knowledge employers will value. These skills can be acquired over time, so the individual can rest assured that they will always be in demand. Computer-based training will ensure that you have a job and a steady income.
This information is well-known. It is well-known that working with computers can lead to a lucrative career. Every day, more people choose IT. If you’ve ever considered a career in technology, now is the time to make that next step. New Horizons can help you on your career development journey. Check out the many IT training courses available and choose the one that suits you best.
Limited time offer: The More You Learn, the More You Save! Take 10% off your first class when you buy 2! Get 20% off when you buy 2 classes! Get 30% off when you buy 3 classes Get discounts on selected Citrix, Microsoft, or VMware courses

IT Jobs are the most in-demand jobs for 2016

While most people are aware of how valuable IT training can be in the job market, CareerBuilder’s list for the most in-demand jobs in 2016 shows how important these skills really are. Each position was ranked based on the number of companies that posted job ads and how many people were hired in that area. The list ranked higher for jobs that had more postings than were filled.
PRNewswire’s article on the list shows that IT and technology-based jobs made up the majority of the most in-demand positions next year. Health care was the only field that came even close to this. The fact that IT jobs are more in demand than those that save lives shows how important computer-based training is for the modern economy.
Technology is everywhere
Although this list is certainly welcome news for those with corporate computer training, it probably isn’t surprisingconsidering how far technology’s reach is in today’s world. Pew Research Center discovered that 84 percent American households have a computer in 2014. This shows that computer-based training is a necessity for the job market.
Not only were IT and technology-related positions in high demand, but they also ranked among the highest-paid jobs on the list. The median wage for a Computer and Information Systems Manager was $61.37 an hour. This is more than $127,000 per year for a 40-hour job. There is an average gap between the number and the number of IT workers hired and the pay, which is 21758, so it’s clear that IT offers incredible opportunities for those who are willing to learn the skills.
Training is the first step.
Many IT jobs are not being filled due to the fact that these positions require high levels of skill. The technology used in corporate IT is very advanced and only getting more complex. This field requires extensive IT training to be able to deal with complex and rapidly evolving computer systems. Many people don’t have the necessary skills to hold these types of positions.
Although it may seem discouraging, this low number of people who have this expertise is actually a great benefit if you are willing to learn. Although having skills and experience in areas that aren’t common to the majority of the population doesn’t give you an advantage when it comes time to interview for jobs, advanced computer-based training will give your job security a level you won’t find anywhere else.
There is no better time to get company IT training than now. These skills are highly sought after and well-paid. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Southern California offers corporate computer training courses that will help you take your career to the next level.
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New Horizons Training Programs Can Help You Beat the End of the Year IT Budget Crisis Soon, technology training budgets will be expiring. New Horizons can help you maximize your time and training budgets for technology talent. As college graduates enter the workforce, companies will be eager to hire the best and brightest. The job market for information technology professionals has remained stable throughout economic downturns. Growth in technology sectors that include big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, data center consolidation and cybersecurity are creating new job opportunities for aspiring IT professionals with basic computer training, as well as certified professionalsWebinar: Using Internal IT Conflicts to Your Company’s AdvantageBy the title of this webinar, you’re probably thinking it’s about bad things within IT. Wrong, wrong, wrong! In many ways, conflicting IT goals can be a good thing. Positive conflict can be a motivator for employees and lead to innovative solutions and high-quality, cost-effective results if managed well. This webinar will explain how to use internal IT conflict as a springboard for IT efficiency, user satisfaction and professional growth.

IBM App Combats Cybersecurity Problems From the Inside

IBM’s new app may be leading the charge in ensuring that insidercybersecurity threats can be eliminated. Administrators often think of data breaches when they think about security measures. They may take actions such as closing vulnerabilities in company software and installing firewalls. These are all necessary steps, but what many people don’t realize is the extent of information that employees and contractors have access to.
Hackers prefer to follow the shortest route to gain access to a system. This often means gaining login credentials that will allow them to view company data. It’s difficult to identify which employees have been compromised before it’s too late. This is a problem IBM wants to fix. The IBM QRadarsecurity platform has the User Behavior Analytics app, which allows users to analyze their login history to reduce the risk of these types of attacks.
Why is insider theft such a problem?
“Employees are often weakest links when it comes to data security.”
Before we get into the details of how this app works, let’s first understand why losing login credentials can be so devastating. Although employees are the backbone to any organization, they are often the weakest link in terms of data security. While a piece of cybersecuritysoftware will never make a mistake, humans very often do.
These missteps are most often due to weak passwords or mishandling these pass phrases. According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (PDF), 63 percent of all recorded hacking incidents can be traced back at employees who either had a simple password to remember or gave them away in a phishing scam.
These problems can be reduced through training programs but workers are human and will eventually make mistakes.
How does the app work
IBM QRadar developers decided to take this into consideration and monitor the activities of employees who have access to company information. This app uses advanced analytics to determine if an employee’s access history matches current actions.
A lot of companies have to deal with an overabundance in administrative skills. This is a different issue, but it means that there is an overabundance of administrative workers who have unlimited access to company data. Many of these workers don’t need access to large amounts of the data and instead log into the same datasets repeatedly.
It can be difficult to break this habit as a human. However, a software program like the one IBM created can quickly and efficiently identify when an employee is doing something out of the norm. If someone in shipping begins to view information about company finances -data that they have never seen before in their lives -IBM’s User Behavior Analytics app immediately flags this as a breach. In a press release, Jason Corbin, vice president of IBM Security’s Strategy and Offering Management, explained the significance of the development.
Corbin stated that organizations need a better way of protecting themselves against insider threats, whether they are from malicious cybercriminals or inadvertent actors. “This app allows analysts to quickly pivot using existing cybersecurity data, which helps them to identify early warning signs often hidden in suspicious user activity. This will help them to more consistently address breaches.
These types of attacks can be prevented by IBM-certified training
This app could revolutionize the way companies manage the risk of insider data breach. If it proves to be as efficient as IBM believes it will, it could change how companies protect their data. If you want to be at the forefront of this technology, then you should consider computer-based trainingwithin IBM Security QRadar. New Horizons Learning Groups offers a wide range of IBM Security training programs that will help you keep up to date with current cybersecurity trends and further your career in the field.

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Three Easy Steps to Become an Office 365 Wizard

This is a common bullet point in job postings: “Must have proficiency in Microsoft Office.” This is a controversial statement as Office includes many different applications and has changed significantly in the past decade. Office was once sold as licenses. Office 2007 would replace Office 2003. Office 365 has made it a subscription-based suite. Office 365’s core is built on cloud infrastructure, which provides continuous updates and overall flexibility and scalability.
Learn more about Microsoft Office training.
Although Office has seen a lot of changes in recent years, many things have remained the same. Excel is still a tool for creating spreadsheets. Word is still the best app to create mail merges and collaborate on documents that have been heavily edited. These three techniques will help you become an Office 365 wizard.
1. Learn how to navigate the email safety indicators in Office 365/Exchange
Exchange is an important part of Office 365. It houses important email and calendaring functions. It is also vulnerable to attack. In recent years, email spamming and phishing campaigns have become more sophisticated. It is difficult for message recipients know if an email is genuine or an attempt to infiltrate.
In recent years, it has become easier to launch and sustain phishing campaigns. According to an Imperva report, perpetrators can now purchase spam servers, a list with 100,000 email addresses, and targeted phishing pages for $30. In the years to come, attacks on email servers will increase.
“Exchange Online Protection offers a classification scheme for potentially problematic email messages.”
“The combination of [Phishing-as-a-Service] and compromised web servers has significantly lowered the monetary, technological, and time investment needed to conduct a successful phishing campaign,” stated Amichai Shulman, co-founder and CTO of Imperva.
Exchange Online Protection provides a classification system to identify potentially dangerous emails. Messages marked Suspicious will have a red banner indicating that they may be phishing scams. Exchange has identified the message as spam by displaying a yellow banner. According to Microsoft, green is a trusted sender. Gray indicates that your organization has marked it as safe.
2. Learn when to use OneDrive Business and SharePoint
OneDrive for Business is similar to SharePoint Online, which allows collaboration within Office 365. Both allow documents and files to sync and be shared between teams. What is the real difference between them?
One of the most significant differences is the inclusion in SharePoint of a shared dashboard with news and calendars. Instead, each user logs in to OneDrive for Business individually to view their files. SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business have very similar features.
OneDrive for Business uses SharePoint technology under the hood. Access from a browser or local directory is possible within both applications. OneDrive is often associated with “cloud” technology, while SharePoint can be more closely linked to intranets and file server companies.
3. Learn more about OneNote
OneNote is a part of Office 365 that is often overlooked. OneNote is a versatile application that can do everything from extracting text from images to creating shared shopping lists.
OneNote allows you to record audio and video, take photos, and embed documents from other Office 365 apps like Excel. Linking is one of the key features of OneNote. You can connect notes to other documents, the web, and other locations from within a OneNote notebook.
Get the Office 365 certifications that you need
These tips will help you become an Office 365 expert. To really cement your expertise in Office 365, it is a good idea for you to get a formal certification. New Horizons Computer Learning Group offers a variety of Office 365 certifications that you can use to enhance your career prospects, such as ones on OneNote.

Amazon Trying to Break into the Banking Industry with its Web Services

Amazon Web Services is dominating the cloud market. Synergy Research Group found that Amazon had 31% of the 2015 full-year cloud infrastructure market, well above Microsoft’s second place bid of 9 percent. It’s clear that Amazon is more than an online marketplace. But being the dominant cloud market player wasn’t enough. Amazon is now trying to grab control of one of the most lucrative sectors: banking. Contributors to The Wall Street Journal, Christina Rexrode, and Emily Glazer stated that Amazon is targeting big names like J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup in an attempt to show them that outsourcing can reduce their computing and storage costs. Two major concerns when it comes to technological adoption in banking (and any business in general) are cost and security. Because banks are built on the principle that money is very important, industry leaders will first need to be assured by AWS that the cloud will reduce their budget. This is the most difficult hurdle Amazon will have to overcome if it wants to land these banks. Banks used to manage their own data. This meant that banks had to build their own data centers which can be costly. These banks would be able to use AWS to eliminate the need to maintain their data centers, which means less overhead in terms staffing and power consumption. AWS’s cloud provides a level of scale that cannot be matched in a privately owned data center. After the cost benefits have been weighed, the real discussion can start. Banks keep the private financial information of clients. A breach of this sensitive information could have severe consequences for businesses. AWS will need to demonstrate to banks that it can protect this information. Security is a major concern in the banking industry. AWS’s work with the CIA is a testament to its security capabilities. AWS signed a 2013 deal with the CIA regarding their data sprawl. According to The Atlantic, the $600 million contract was intended to assist the agency in developing and maintaining a cloud that would allow for cooperation between departments. Although the intelligence community was able to gather information well, it had difficulty sharing it with clandestine organizations. This caused confusion because vital data was being spread between agencies, which led to confusion as different sectors had the task of figuring out what the missing puzzle piece was. While money was an important factor, the government spent $8 billion on IT in 2013 for the intelligence community. Security was clearly the most important aspect. While hacking a bank’s network can be problematic for its clients, a hack on a CIA cloud could pose a threat to national security. AWS realized that the CIA required a lot of security and came up with a unique solution. The company integrated the firewall of the agency into its public cloud service. The CIA now has the cost-savings and scalability benefits that a public cloud offers, along with the security it requires. If Amazon is to win the trust of a bank, it will need to highlight its cooperation with the CIA. Although banks may choose to build their own firewalls, this particular case shows that AWS can provide security for sensitive information. The CIA is committed to keeping information private. Cloud security is a concern. AWS is expanding rapidly, so get in as soon as you can! AWS isn’t new, but the service is growing rapidly. Amazon landing one bank could be the tipping point. This will allow other organizations with similar needs to begin to see the advantages of the cloud. AWS training can help you take advantage of its success. New Horizons Learning Group offers a variety of IT training courses for companies in the cloud that will help you to grow your career and learn about the most innovative technologies.
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Three Essential Office 365 Skills Everybody Should Have

Modern office productivity requires many technological tools. Employers expect employees to be able to complete their work quickly and effectively. This has led to employers searching for individuals with specific skills that revolve around popular business platforms. Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular of all these.
This is because it’s simple to learn, hard to master, and has a depth that’s hard for anyone to match in the current market. IDC found that Microsoft Office skills were fourth most important attributes a candidate should have when entering a job interview. These skills even outperformed integrity and creativity.
This suite of products is vast and varied, so it can be difficult to know where to begin or what you need. We’ve compiled a list of the most important Office 365 skills that modern workers can have to help them on their path to better career opportunities.
“Excel is widely used in a variety of industries.”

1. Excel IF statements
Excel is a common tool for anyone who works with numbers in their job. Excel is used in many industries because it works. Microsoft spent many years developing Excel into the versatile tool that it is today. One of the most important functions of Excel is the IF statement.
These features allow you program in a response that will occur when a cell or group of cells behaves in a certain way. Imagine that you are a teacher and want to create a spreadsheet listing your students’ grades. Column A contains their names and column B their grades on a particular test. To quickly glance down the rightmost column, you will need to see who passed and who failed. Below a 65 percent mark, it is a failure. The IF statement should look something like this:
=IF(B1<65, "Fail", "Pass") To extend this feature to the rest the class, click on the square at bottom right of your original IF statement. Drag it down to the end of the list. This feature is ideal for those who have conditional reactions to the data they deal with. 2. Track changes and make comments in Word Collaboration is an important part of the work world, especially when creating written documents. Microsoft understands how important it is to work in a team, so they have added a commenting function in Word. Click the Review tab when you receive a Word document to review. You will now see a New Comment option. All you need to do to add a comment is highlight the appropriate section and click on the New Comment button. The comment you have written will appear in a red box right next to the original article. The highlighted section will also be red. You can also choose to track the words you have added with the Track Changes option. This option is located under the Review tab. It allows you to add words that are brightly colored to a document. This allows you to add sentences to your coworker's review, without them having to go through the entire article looking for your addition. 3. Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts Computer experts will tell you that efficiency is all about keeping your fingers on the keyboard. Moving to the mouse is a waste of time and distracts you from the task at hand. You can make the most of Outlook by using keystrokes. The list of shortcuts Microsoft has created goes beyond the scope of this article. Although you can access the entire site of Microsoft, we have provided a list below of the most important ones. New Message:Alt+ H, N1, 1Reply to:Alt+ H, R. PReply all?Alt+ H, R. AInsert file :Alt+ N, A, FGoto search box:Ctrl+ ECreate contact:Ctrl+ Shift+ CGet certified and really get in the water Office 365 offers many tools that can be used to increase productivity. To fully take advantage of the platform's many features, you will need to learn more. You can learn more about how a more detailed approach can help your career by taking the Office 365 certification course offered by New Horizons Computer Learning Group.

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