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Uncover Alphabetic Series Tips and Tricks
Shikha Adya
April 23, 2020

In Coding and Decoding -I ,  we have learned how to read A to Z in the numeric form in direct and reverse order to calculate the alphabetic puzzles. Let's see some glimpse of our previous discussions 

FROM LEFT (Direct Counting)

alphabetic character

 FROM RIGHT ( Reverse Counting)

alphabetic numeric


  1. When Going Right to Right in the same direction ( R To R )=  Subtract the result (R-R)
  2. When Going Left to Left in the same direction( L To L) = Subtract (L-L)
  3.  Going Right to Left ( R To L)in opposite direction= Add the result ( R+L)
  4. Going from Left to Right ( L To R) in opposite Direction= Add the result ( L + R)
  5. Going from Left to Right to Left ( L R L) = The result will be (L-L+R)
  6. Going from Right to Left to Right= The result will be (R-R+L)
  7. The direction of the result after calculation depends on the last direction mentioned in the puzzle.

Let's Start With Alphabetic Series Based Puzzle:

Question 1: What will be the eighth letter to the right of the 12th from the left side? 

  • 20th  from left
  • 20th from right
  • 12th from Left
  • 10th fro  Right

Solution:Eighth letter from the right R= 8 Twelfth from the left side   L= 12 According to Rule 3 in the above important rules, Left and Right will be added due to the opposite directions L+R= 8 +12= 20  In Rule 7, the direction of the result will depend on the last direction mentioned in the puzzle Here, the last direction mentioned is Left Answer = 20th from Left.


 Question 2:  Which letter 6th to the left of 8th to the right of the 12th letter of right, If the second half is written in reverse order? 

  • W
  • X
  • O
  • M

Solution: 6th of the Left  L=6Right of the 8th R=812th letter of right R=12 According to rule 6,  R-R+L  = 12-8 +6 = 4+6= 10  Rule 7, the last mentioned direction is right, so Letter is 10th from the right Now, if the second half means after M(14) goes in reverse order,  the 10th from the right will be W(4) Solution = W 


Question 3: What will be the 16th letter from the left side if the second half is written in reverse order?  

  • W
  • X
  • V
  • U

Solution: A to M is the same from left count  1 to 13  N to Z is the second half to reverse means   Now Z = 14Y=15X=16 So, the 16th letter from right is X. The answer = X 


 Question 4:  Which alphabet will be mid-way between 7th and 11th letter counting from the left end of a normal alphabet?  

  • G
  • I
  • H
  • M

Solutions: Midway between 7th and 11th letter 7+11 =18/2= 9th letter 9th letter from the left in the normal alphabet is I  The answer = I.


 Question 5: Which Letter will be the 8th letter to the right of the 11th letter from the left side if the first and the second halves are reversed separately? 

  • V
  • U
  • W
  • T

Solution:8th Letter to the right  R=811th from the left side  L=11 According to Rule 3, R+L= 19 Left If the first and second halves are separately reversed then after reversing both halves, U come on 19th place  The answer = U 


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