Reasoning Skills
Symmetric Relation I
Shikha Adya
August 24, 2015

Taller, bigger, heavier, smaller, more, less, etc are the recognized words of English, however, once it comes in “reasoning portion” makes the puzzle more baffled and almost out of the head. There are n ways to crack these types of symmetrical puzzles but I have taken the most easygoing technique i.e. Directional Arrows. Let’s see how…


Problem 1: If John Is Richer Than Samantha, But Not So Rich As Danny, Then Samantha Is?

  1. Richer than John
  2. Richer than Danny
  3. Poorer than Danny
  4. Neither richer nor poorer than Danny


  • Condition is John is richer than Samantha – Draw a Downward arrow showing John is richer than Samantha
Symmetric Relation 1
  • Condition is but no so rich as Danny- In sentence the comparison of Danny is with John as main subject where it cleared than John is not so rich as Danny that means Danny is richer than John.
Symmetric Relation 2
  • Merging both diagrams, it shows Danny is richer than John and John is richer than Samantha.
Symmetric Relation 3
  • Conclusion- As shown in figure above, Samantha is poorest of all.

Options (c) Poorer than Danny: True! Samantha is poorer than Danny as well as John.


Problem 2: A Is Taller Than B But Shorter Than C. D Is Taller Than A But Shorter Than C. E Is Taller Than B But Shorter Than A. The Tallest Person Is?

  1. A is tallest
  2. B is tallest
  3. C is tallest
  4. D is tallest


  • Condition is A is taller than B but shorter than C: A is taller than B whereas A is shorter than C.
Symmetric Relation 4
  • Condition is D is taller than A but shorter than C: D is taller than A but D is shorter than C
Symmetric Relation 5
  • Condition is E is taller than B but shorter than A: E is taller than B but E is shorter than A.
Symmetric Relation 6
  • Conclusion: Merge all the conditions and the sequence becomes C>D>A>E>B

C is Tallest option (c) is right.


Problem 3: Out Of Five Friends, The Age Of Deepak Is In The Middle. Kamal Is The Youngest. Alka Is Older Than Naren. Mohan Is The Younger As Compare To Deepak And Deepak Is Younger As Compare To Naren. Who Is The Eldest?

  1. Alka
  2. Naren
  3. Deepak
  4. Mohan


  • Condition is Deepak is in middle: Deepak age is in between all his four friends.
  • Condition is Kamal is the youngest: Kamal age is lowest means it is at the lowest level.
  • Condition is Alka is older than Naren: Alka age is higher than Naren
Symmetric Relation 7
  • Condition is Mohan is the younger as compare to Deepak and Deepak is younger as compare to Naren:
Symmetric Relation 8
  • Merge Condition 3 and 4:
Symmetric Relation 9
  • Applying Condition 2: Kamal has lowest age the sequence becomes Alka>Naren>Deepak>Mohan>Kamal

Alka is eldest option (a) is right.


Problem 4: Among Five Colleagues, Joy Earns Less Salary Than Kim But More Than Rocky. David Earns More Than Joy But Less Than Eddy. Eddy Earns More Than Kim. Who Earns The Highest Salary?

  1. Eddy
  2. Kim
  3. David
  4. Data inadequate


  • Condition is Joy earns less salary than Kim but more than Rocky: Kim has highest salary
Symmetric Relation 10
  • Condition is David earns more than Joy but less than Eddy:
Symmetric Relation 11
  • Condition is Eddy earns more than Kim: Merge in condition 1…
Symmetric Relation 12
  • The sequence becomes Eddy> David/ Kim>Joy>Rocky.

Eddy earns highest salary.

Option (a) is correct.


Now one question for you let's see how much you have learnt.. 

Question: Five boys A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a ladder. E is above A, C is below B, B is below A and D is above C. Who is at the bottom? Options are A,B,C or D.


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