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Google Android Recent Update will Astonish you
Shikha Adya
October 22, 2015
Are you looking for lower fuel priced stations throughout your drive? The Wait is Over!!! Google Android has recently introduced a new feature in Google Maps, which will let you check the lowest gas prices. During your journey, it will pin out the route and destination where the cheapest rates are available at ease.


To boost its functionality, the detouring feature is also added to Google Maps to make you drive safely with no hassle. If you are planning for a trip, then this new feature can relish a wonderful experience and leaves long-lasting memories of course.

While its usage, users when they search for nearby gas stations, restaurants, grocery shops, coffee shops, etc., a pop up will open showing all the stops with their names as well as the actual distance from you. According to your budget, you can choose the station. After choosing the stop of your wish, it will define the best possible route to follow.

Additionally, if a user wants to add a detour to their preferable places where he has already visited, then Goggle can even do this for you! It will save a backup of your last visited stops and search it next time whenever you are on the same route.

In order to access this new update by Google, users have to go into the navigation mode where the magnifying glass icon becomes visible at the top-right corner of the screen. When a user enters the search operation, a drop-down menu showing various options regarding the search appears on the screen. Once you are done, a button of Search for more places comes into view for more potential options.

Through Google Play, users can access this new update and take advantage at any time and any place required!