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Find out what UK says on e-cigarette…
Shikha Adya
August 20, 2015

Recently a shocking report was given by Public Health England (PHE) saying that e-cigarette is a better alternative over tobacco. UK approves the e-cigarette and suggested to be prescribed by the NHS.

PHE in its report agreed on vaping and sees its usage as the cease of the traditional habit of tobacco smoking. The electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than tobacco study reveals.

Vaping is better than Smoking…they say and concord over the fact that it can lend a hand to those who put risk on their lives all the time through toxic gas.

On the contrary, they also clear the fact that children are not getting an opportunity to smoke through this idea. This is only valid for chain smokers and adults.

In Britain, around 2.8 million smokers are using an e-cigarette. With this approval, the Government of Britain is looking forward to setting a trend of e-cigarette usage to take the country out of smoke misery.