Computer Awareness
Features of MS Power Point
Shikha Adya
March 9, 2020

MS PowerPoint is a slide show representation program that represents text and photos. PowerPoint capable of creating, manipulating and presenting your thoughts into an impressively designed ways 

Let’s discuss its operation:

  1. PowerPoint presentation consists of a number of individual pages or “slides”.
  2. The “slide” the analogy is a reference to the slide projector, a device that has become obsolete due to the use of PowerPoint and the presentation software.
  3. The Slide may contain text, graphic, movies and other objects, which may be arranged freely on the slide.
  4. PowerPoint, however, facilitates the use if a consist style in a presentation using a template or Slide master.
  5. The presentation can be printed or displayed live on a computer and navigated through at the command of the presenter.

New Features of Microsoft:

  • Use new and improved picture editing tools-including versatile artistic effects and advanced color correction, and cropping tools-to fine-tune every picture in your presentation to look its absolute best.
  • Add dynamic #D slide transitions and more realistic animation effects to grab your audience attention.
  • Use new co-authoring capabilities to edit the same presentation, at the same time with people in a different location. You can even communicate as you work, directly from PowerPoint.
  • Easily customize the improved Ribbon to make the commands you need most accessible. Create custom tabs or even communicate as you work, directly from PowerPoint.
  • In Addition, PowerPoint 2010 enables you to work simultaneously with other people or post your presentation online and access it from virtually anywhere using the web or your smartphone.
  • For larger audience the computer display is often projected using a video projection.
  • Slides can also form the basis of webcasts
  • Presentation can be saved and run in any of the file formats: the 2003 default .ppt (presentation) .pps (PowerPoint Show) or .POT(template). In Powerpoint 2007 and Mac OS X 2008 versions, The XML based file formats .pptx, .ppsx and potxhave been introduced, along with the macro-enables file-formats .pptm,.potm,.ppsm.

Features of Microsoft

Components of a slide:

  • Title: A descriptive heading identifying a slide.
  • Subtitle: A descriptive message or brief description of a slide data. Subtitle emphasizes the slide’s central idea.
  • Drawing objects: Drawing objects include auto shape (a group of ready-made shapes, curves, line word art, etc.
  • Clipart and Pictures: Pictures and graphic available in the MS office suite.

PowerPoint creation:

  • On-screen Presentation: By using the slide transactions, timing, movies, sound, animation, and hyperlinks, make a presentation exciting
  • Web pages for web use: Broadcasting a presentation for a company meeting, presenting to remote groups or holding a team meeting over the web.
  • Overhead Transparencies: Creating the presentation that the users on overhead transparencies from printing the slides.

Creating a new presentation:

  • Auto content wizard: It is easy to use wizard that helps to create a presentation by leading through some basic questions.
  • Design templates: It is set of predefined formats or text or color schemes applicable to a presentation.
  • Sample presentation: It is a set of sample slides with some text and outlines that give you suggestions about the context of your presentation.
  •  Blank presentation: If you are sure of the layout and contents of your presentation, you create a new presentation from scratch.