Computer Awareness
Basics of Microsoft Word
Shikha Adya
March 3, 2020

Microsoft Word or simply called Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft company on October 25, 1983. It’s a basic component of Microsoft Office programs. These days millions of people used words for writing, editing, and manipulating text on a single platform. Previously it runs on Windows and OS X like operating system. The package named Multi-Tool Word and was initiated to be working on Xenix systems. The new latest release of Ms-0ffice was in 2019. The basic file format of the word is represented name.doc or name.docx.

Features of Word Processor

  1. Fast: Typing Text in a word processor becomes speedy as there is no mechanical carriage movement associated.
  2. Editing Features: Any type of correction (insertion, deletions, modification etc) can be made easily.
  3. Permanent Storage: The documents can be saved as long as desired. The saved document can be retrieved whenever desired.
  4. Formatting Features: The typed text can be made in any forms or styles (bold, italic, underline, different fonts etc.)
  5. Graphics:Graphics provides the facility of incorporating drawings in the documents which enhances their usefulness.
  6. OLE (Object Linking and Embedding): OLE is a program integration technology that is used to share information between programs through objects. Objects are saved entities like charts, equations, video clips, audio clips, pictures etc.
  7. Alignment: You can set your text in any alignment e.g. Left, right or center. You can even do box setting i.e. Aligned from the sides.
  8. Deleting Mistakes: You can delete word, line, a paragraph in a stroke and the rest of the matter will get adjusted automatically.
  9. Line Spacing: You can set the line spacing according to your linking from one to nine.
  10. Moving Cursor: You can move the cursor from word or from paragraph to paragraph , if needed
Features of Ms-Word

·Features of Microsoft word:

  • Remove background of images: It is a Photoshop-like feature not as effective through yet it’s a great help. With it, you can directly remove the background of any pictures.
  • Integration of Screenshot feature: The option of the screenshot is in the ribbon at the top of your word document. When you click screenshot, you get automatically few screenshot samples from the Background.
  • New Art Effects in WordArt: Word Art has been updated with new colorful effects. Select the text, click “WordArt” and a list of options will appear. You can choose it, if needed.
  • Ligatures: Ligatures usually replace consecutive characters sharing common components. Remember that ligatures can be supported only if they are present in the font.

·Basic Features  

  1. Naming a Document:  You can name a document and recall it anytime from the hard disk for editing, updating, correcting and even printing.
  2. Page Breaks: You can set a page break at any place within the text so that while printing it will jump to the next page.
  3. Find and replace: You can find for a particular word in the whole document and replace it with another one.
  4. Thesaurus: By using this, you can change a word with any of its synonyms. In this way, you can prevent the repetition of a single word in a document and bring beauty to the language.
  5. Indentation: Indentation refers to the distance between text boundaries and page margins. There are three types of indents-Positive indent, negative indent, and Hanging indent.
  6. Header and Footer: A header or footer is text or graphics such as page number, the date or company logo that is usually printed at the top or bottom of each page in a document.
  7. Page-orientation: page orientation refers to whether the text is to be printed length-wise or width-wise. The lengthwise printed page is called a portrait and the width-wise printed page is called Landscape.
  8. Spell-Check: Spell Check is not only capable of checking spelling mistakes, but also can suggest possible alternatives for incorrectly spelled words.
  9. Mail-Merge: mail Merge is a facility which enables to print a large number of letter/documents with more or less similar text. Under it, the same invitation letter has to send to invitees, only the names and addresses are to be changed.

Features of New Microsoft word 2019:  

The Microsoft Word 2019 provides you advanced ways to accomplish various tasks with documents like book-like page navigation, improved digital pen features, Translation and Learning Tools. Let’s dig into it: 

  1. Translation: Now it’s easy to translate your document, including words, phrases or sentences to another language with the help of Microsoft Translator. The review tab helps you to do it. 
  2. Perk up your reading practice: Now no need to put your eyes constantly. It can adjust your text spacing, column width, and page color very easily.  The reader reads the document.
  3. Use Digital pen in office:  Now it is easy to write documents with the help of Digital pens from both Mobile and PC.  It can calculate, draw, do highlighting or even switch writing into shape.
  4. LaTeX syntax is now easy to use: Microsoft Word can now implement LaTeX syntax in the equation for creating and evaluating math formulas. Equations tab here helps to do that.
  5. Easy Searching and navigating:  Cutting your efforts of scrolling endlessly, now you can turn over the document pages same as a book. With the help of touch screens, users can put your hand to the page. Even in absence of touch screen, you can use a scroll bar or your mouse to experience book-like reading and navigation.
  6. Resolving accessibility issues is one click away: Now updated accessibility checker is here to aid updated support to access your document. Disable People can access documents with hands now.    
  7. Now View every angle with 3D images:  Take any 3D image and rotate completely in 360 degrees. The audience reading your content can see all the angles.