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Software for team collaboration

In this overview,we’ll discussthe overarchingconsiderations that affect organizations whenmaking the switch tovirtual collaboration technology.Stay tuned for thetwo follow-up articles that will compare popular solutions and highlight issuesimpactingeachprospective option’s level of effectiveness for organizations. Let’s get started!
Will Work from Home Continue Post-COVID?
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the work force home in a way that no one could have predicted. According to a recent survey fromNemertesResearch, over 90% ofcompaniesare supporting Work from Home (WFH). A survey by NemertesResearch revealed that less than 13% of respondents said they would discontinue WFH once things settle down. WFH is now the “new norm”, and budgets are being redirected towards WFH products.
Many companies were focused on scaling up and securing remote access in the first half of 2020. Companies are struggling to recreate the collaborative interactions that took place in an office. Many companies are turning to team collaboration apps to increase productivity and stay in touch.
CloudorVPN for Remote Workforce
Cloud-based services are more efficient at supporting distributed workers than funneling traffic through VPNs and a central datacenter. Cloud-based services were popular long before the pandemic. Many companies had already moved a portion of their business to the cloud or started to do so. The vast majority of email has been moved to cloud services like O365 and Google Mail. However, instant messaging (IM) solutions such as Skype for Business or Jabber are premise-based. The trend continues with Teams applications that use cloud-based technology.
What are the Key Considerations for Implementing a TeamsMessenger
Many companies are still trying to decide if a Teams app is right for them.
This short series will discuss the pros and cons of the various Teams solutions. We also discuss what vendors might not be telling us. Keep in mind that each offering is changing rapidly, somake sure you’resubscribedtothe IE blogfor the latest updatesandthe nexttwo pieces of this series:
Part 2: Standardizing a Teams Instant Messenger Platform: Cisco WebexTeams and Microsoft Teams–can I standardize one or all of these? Part 3: The Teams Conferencing Dilemma. What are the limitations to different video conferencing solutions for Teams? Find the Best Collaboration Tools for Your Company
Every company has its own needs for collaboration, especially in virtual form. Contact our experts for advice and recommendations. We can analyze your currentsystem, pinpoint areas of improvement, andmakerecommendationsthat will allow you to achieve your collaboration goals, and ultimatelysave you money and headaches in the long haul.


Everything you need to know about PMP Certification

September 12, 2018PMP certification, or Project Management Professional certification, is a challenging journey. To pass the certification exam, it is recommended that you spend 40+ hours studying. We will cover everything you need to know to pass the PMP certification exam, how to prepare for it, and provide free study materials.
What is a PMP certification?
Project managers are highly valued by PMP (Project Management Professional), certification. Being PMP certified shows that you have the education, experience, and ability to manage and lead projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the certification. Project management leaders are in high demand. A PMP certification will increase your value to potential employers and clients. A PMP certification will make you stand out in the crowd when it comes to project managers. You have the skills and knowledge to succeed. Project managers with PMP certification will find it easier to find work.
Studies show that PMP certification holders earn 20% more than those who are not certified. Project managers often study for the PMP exam because of the large increase in PMP salaries. A PMP certified project manager can earn more, make better decisions and be a leader. You have more options as a PMP-certified project manager.
You can work anywhere you like as a PMP. This skill is highly sought after and can be used in any industry. This skill is highly sought-after internationally.
Employers gain from the hiring of PMP-certified job candidates. Employers will benefit from hiring PMP-certified Project Managers. This will allow them to complete their projects on schedule, within budget, and reach the goals they have set. PMP certification shows that you are fluent in the language of project management. You will quickly make international connections with experts, professionals, and organizations.
A PMP-certified project manager is a benefit to your employer and your project.
What are the requirements to be certified as PMP?
Before taking the PMP exam, there are several prerequisites. Each one is broken down into two groups. Each group of pre-requisites has 3 requirements to pass the PMP certification exam.
Pre-Requisites A:* Four-year degree (at a higher education institution).* 35 hours of project management education.* 4,500 hours as project leader/director.Pre-Requisites B:* High school diploma (Associates degrees and any of its global equivalent are also accepted).* 35 hours of project management education* 7,500 hours as project leader/director.
Although the requirements may seem daunting, they are possible to meet. To become a PMP certified manager, it takes a lot of effort. The final step to receiving the certification is passing the PMP exam.
How to pass the PMP certification exam?
The PMP certification

Everything You Need To Know About MCSE Certification

September 12, 2018, Earning professional certification takes a lot of effort, time, and perseverance. The MCSE certification is a highly regarded and internationally recognized credential for IT professionals. This Microsoft certification is a proof of your ability to configure and administer computer systems.
Are you looking to increase your knowledge? Do you want to advance your career? Your credibility will increase This guide will help you to research MCSE Certification. It covers the requirements, how to pass the exam, the cost, and the topics covered.

What is MCSE Certification?
MCSE stands to Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. It has been upgraded into Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. This certification certifies your ability to configure and administer Microsoft servers. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification can still be used as a legacy credential. This credential must also be renewed every three years by passing a recertification test. IT professionals with MCSE certification can work for financial institutions, consulting firms, and other businesses.
What are the requirements for MCSE certification?
You must pass five exams that each contain approximately 50 questions to earn MCSE certification. Your answers must show your ability to design, install, administer and troubleshoot a Microsoft-server-based computer and networking systems.
How to Pass the MCSE Certification Exam
You will need to visit Microsoft to take the online proctored exam for the MCSE certification. There are many exam formats. These include multiple choice, best and short answers, active screens as well as hot areas, case studies, mark review, and other formats.
What is the cost of MCSE certification?
The MCSE certification exam typically costs $150. The Microsoft website has the exact exam fee. Prices vary depending on where you live, what tax you pay, the type of exam and whether it is proctored.
What topics are covered in the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Exam (MCSE Exam)?
There are many types of MCSE certifications available. All are designed to meet the needs and requirements of top Microsoft professionals in an ever-changing IT environment. You must pass five courses to be eligible for the MCSE certification exam. After completing the first three steps, you’ll be awarded MCSA certification (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate/Windows Server 2012 certification). After completing the next two steps, you’ll be awarded the MCSE certificate.
These are the topics that you will need to cover in order to become certified.
How to Install and Configure Windows Server 2016
This is an important topic that you should study if your goal is to become certified. This topic covers everything you need to know regarding configuration and networking in relation to the server. If you decide to

IT jobs are increasing, but women still struggle to get in.

IT professionals have known for a while that they were highly sought after. It is no surprise that the world loves technology. This has led to a desire to ensure that these devices, and systems, work consistently and continuously. It was therefore not surprising that the U.S. Census Bureau found that IT jobs have increased exponentially in the past few decades.
According to the American Community Survey, there are approximately 4.6 million people working in IT. This is a vast increase on the 450,000 workers that were found in the 1970 survey. It also shows how fast this industry has grown. This report was however, not disconcerting.
IT is a vastly underrepresented field. This is not a surprise, as many people who work in the field know this for years. This gender gap is evident in concrete evidence.
The numbers prove that there is a bias
“Female participation in IT has actually decreased in recent years.”
According to a Census Bureau survey, female participation in IT has declined over the past few years. Despite the fact that the IT workforce was 31% female in 1990, it dropped to 25% in 2014. This is contrary to overall female participation. The survey found that the total number of women working in all areas went from 38 percent to 47 percent in 1970 to 47% in 2014. This means that while there are more women working, fewer women are choosing to enter IT.
The report doesn’t identify a reason, but it does suggest that women aren’t valued as highly by their male counterparts. The median earning for male IT workers was $82,370, according to the survey. The median earnings for IT workers in the male gender was $82,370. Women earned $72,035. These findings prove that the gender pay gap is not due to women choosing less lucrative roles than men.
Many are trying to change this situation.
These statistics are indeed disheartening. However, many people in the industry are trying to change these trends. Girls Who Cod is one organization that is working to reverse this trend. This organization is dedicated to advancing the female role of technology by encouraging programming. Girls Who Code offers a summer immersion program that helps girls in 10th and 11th grades discover the magic of programming. This is a great age because these girls will soon be attending college to pursue their future careers. Knowledge can bridge the gender gap
Making technology cool for young women is a great way of increasing their participation in the IT workforce. However, education is key to closing the gender gap. Employers will see the value in hiring for talent and not gender. The pay disparity in this industry will hopefully diminish or disappear as more women become skilled in technology. It will take time and hard work to see if this discriminatory practice will disappear from this sector.

Cisco Goes Deeper into the IoT With Jasper Purchase

It’s a great day to celebrate the Internet of Things. Cisco announced it will purchase Jasper Technologies, which is a company that helps enterprises connect their commodities to Internet. The IoT is about connecting devices that were previously thought to be off the Internet to the network. This allows them to communicate with one another and makes your life easier.
Cisco isn’t the only company to show interest in IoT. The company is trying to expand its reach and grab some of the money generated from connected devices, despite a decline in sales for its network hardware division. Its Internet of Everything initiative aims to bring the world closer in an unprecedented way.
What is the deal trying to accomplish?
Computerworld reported that the deal was valued at $1.4 million dollars. This is a significant purchase. Cisco is getting a lot for its buck. Rob Salvagno (vice president of Cisco’s corporate development) noted that Jasper already holds a lot of power within the IoT industry.
Salvagno stated that Jasper is the largest IoT platform today, with more than 3500 enterprise customers and 27 service provider across 100 countries.
Cisco is confident in Jasper’s ability bring in IoT business. Computerworld noted that Cisco is an expert in network hardware, and Jasper’s clients and talent will only increase the company’s ability make IoT profitable.
Why is the IoT so important right now?
This inquiry is valid, but the real question is: How could the IoT not be big now? People want their lives to revolve around internet, whether they are at home or on the bus. This is possible because of the IoT.
According to the Pew Research Center, 84 percent Americans have an internet connection. This shows how important the Internet really is for average people, but it also highlights the huge potential of the IoT. Jasper and Cisco have a large base of customers who are familiar with the technology required to operate an Internet-connected fridge.
Cisco certificate holders are likely to reap the benefits
It is not yet known what technological knowhow will be required in the coming years of the IoT revolution. However, a Cisco certificate will be a great asset. Being able to claim that you are proficient in Cisco technology could help you get started working with Jasper’s technology.
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Cisco Training and CertificationsWhether you’re new to Cisco or ready to advance your existing Cisco skills, New Horizons Learning Group can help you obtain three levels of Cisco certifications, including entry, associate and professional–all accreditations that are highly valued by employers and networking professionals worldwide.Cisco Learning Partner of the YearNew Horizons Learning Group Awarded Cisco’s Worldwide Acceleration and Transformation Learning Partner of the Year Award>” align=”middle”>

Cisco CCNA Certification – Everything You Need To Know

September 11, 2018. Earning a professional certification takes dedication and time. The CCNA credential is highly sought-after and highly valued. We have collected a list of frequently asked questions about the exam to help you in your research and decision-making process. This information will help explain the CCNA, what topics are covered, how to study and more.
What is CCNA Certification?
CCNA stands to Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is an IT certification sponsored by Cisco. The certification is a professional way to validate and present one’s skills in a variety of network-related topics.
The CCNA certification is one of the most coveted in the industry. This certification can lead to additional job opportunities, promotions, or client projects for individuals who have passed the CCNA exam.
What topics are covered in the CCNA Certification exam?
Cisco changed their certification process in 2013 to better align with job roles. There are now 9 CCNA topics.
CCNA Cloud – A focus on entry-level skills in provisioning, managing Cisco cloud solutions, as well as adapting to changing technologies.
CCNA Collaboration – For individuals who work in the convergence and integration of multiple media types – voice, data and video. Network engineers and people working in the IP Telephony and Network fields are most applicable.
CCNA Cyber Ops – Detecting and handling cyber events; cybersecurity analysts and employees of security operation centers are the main focus.
CCNA Data Center – Covers data center design, maintenance, network diagrams, and hardware implementation.
CCNA Industrial – This certification focuses on IT and industrial networks that provide common and widespread utilities like electricity, oil and gas, and large-scale plant operations. This certification focuses on understanding standard protocols and learning techniques for building a flexible network.
CCNA Routing & Switching – This exam is the core CCNA test, and the first area that the certification program was built on. This exam provides a solid foundation for network engineering and is a good starting point for all other areas.
CCNA Security – Validates testers skills in network threats and vulnerabilities. It also addresses security issues such as designing and building infrastructure. This exam focuses on confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data over the network.
CCNA Service Provider – Designed for individuals or companies that provide network engineering, deployment, maintenance, and support. It is important to keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and service offerings.
CCNA Wireless – There is a growing demand for wireless networks that are strong and available in all locations. The exam covers configuration, monitoring, and sup

Select Your IT Certification to Test Your Networking Skills and Get Success in 2022

November 11, 2021. Individuals who work in the field of networking and wish to validate and prove their professional competence can get the appropriate certifications. There are many certificates that concentrate on the knowledge area networking. We will be looking at four certificates: Microsoft Certified: Azure Network Engineer Associate CompTIA Network+, Amazon AWS Certified Advance Networking – Specialty and Cisco CCNP Enterprise. Let’s get started!
MicrosoftCertified: Azure Network Engineer Associate
The applicants for thiscertification need to have the ability to plan, implement, and maintain Azurenetworking solutions (they include hybrid networking, routing, connectivity,security, and private access to Azure services). They should also have knowledge and skills in Azure administration, including hybridconnections and network security. Besides that, this certificate givesattention to recommending, planning, and implementing Azure networkingsolutions, managing solutions for security, resiliency, performance, and scale,and deploying networking solutions by utilizing Azure Portal and other methods.All in all, it measures the competence of the specialists in designing,implementing, and managing hybrid networking, designing and implementingrouting and core networking infrastructure, securing and monitoring networks, aswell as designing and implementing private access to Azure services. The qualifyingexam required for this certification is AZ-700: Designing and ImplementingMicrosoft Azure Networking Solutions. It lasts for 100 minutes and consists of 40-60 questions. 700 marks is required to pass the test. The test is only available in English. The exam costs $165.
This certification is used to verify the competence of individuals in the establishment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of essential networks that businesses depend on. It also monitors and optimizes networks to ensure business continuity. Besides that, it coverstroubleshooting common connectivity, software, and cable issues related tonetworking, configuring wireless technologies, and deploying Ethernet solutions.In addition, this certificate takes a look at basic networking concepts,routing technologies and networking devices, and security concepts and networkattacks in order to harden networks against threats. To obtain this certification, professionals must pass the CompTIA N10-007. It consists of a maximum 90 question and lasts for 90 minutes. On a scale from 100 to 900, the pass mark is 720. The exam can be taken in English or Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. The fee for the qualification test is $338.
AmazonAWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty
This certification focuses on designing and maintaining network architecture to support the breadth of AWS services. I

Add new terms to your professional vocabulary!

December 29, 2019, Project Management has its own glossary. It includes various PM terms. These terms are often used by project teams to standardize the startup process for any project. We have highlighted 25 of the most important terms in project management that you should know. These terms are worth a look!
1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
The hierarchic work breakdown structure breaks down the work into manageable chunks that allow the project team to easily understand each level. The project team creates a WBS by analysing the main deliverables and then sub-dividing them into separate deliverables. This is continued by the specialists until the WBS is assigned to one person.
2. Milestone
A milestone is a process that clearly identifies the set of deliverables. It is one of the Gantt chart components and can be seen as a diamond in the project schedules. These are used primarily for the beginning phase, fixed dates on a schedule, and the end phase.
3. Work Plan
A work plan is a summary of a set of goals and the support needed to help the project team achieve their goals. It is also known as project management work plan. Its purpose is to encourage the organization and completion of the project in a timely manner, in accordance with the schedule, budget, and requirements. The work plan outlines all tasks involved in the project, the time it will be completed, and the people responsible for each task.
4. Baseline
Project managers use the baseline of project management to assess the overall performance of a project. There are typically three baselines in the PM sector.
Plan baseline
Scope baseline
Baseline cost.
Professionals consider the combination of all three to be a complete performance baseline.
5. Stakeholders
Stakeholders in project management refer to those who influence and are involved in a project. Some of these specialists are limited in scope, while others can cover all aspects of an organization. Some stakeholders, such as government agencies, are outsiders and must be provided with the required information. The projects are not only designed to meet customers’ needs but also meet stakeholder expectations.
6. Triple Constraint
A triple constraint is a group of four components that includes time, scope quality, cost and cost. They all are represented by a triangle, with quality at its center and time, cost and scope at its corners. Any of them can be changed to affect the other components. Therefore, it is important to have a balance between all components.
7. Gantt Chart
Gantt charts are bar charts that graphically show the schedule information. It is very useful in planning and scheduling projects. It is also extremely useful in managing relationships between tasks. It is a great tool for managing relationships between different tasks.

9 Computer Jobs that are the fastest growing today and in the future

December 29, 2019Are your plans to obtain an IT certification? You need to make sure that your time and financial investments are worthwhile in order to start a successful career. This blog post will discuss common computer jobs and their potential growth over the next ten year. We also discuss their expected salary. This data was compiled from the Occupational Handbook of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. also provides information about salaries. This ranking method takes into account many factors when determining the most promising and fastest-growing computer jobs. This includes the number and quality of the new opportunities, as well as the education and salary requirements. You’ll have unmatched job security and longevity if you are prepared to take on one of these roles. Let’s take a look at some of these jobs.
1. Software Developer
Are you creative and proficient in computer programming? Start learning to become a software developer. These professionals are responsible for designing and programming various computer applications. A BA in computer science is required, along with strong programming skills in a variety of computer languages. A yearly income of approximately $106,000 is possible if you are interested in this career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this occupation is expected to grow at 21% faster than any other. This means that by 2028, there will be approximately 284,100 new occupations.
2. Information Security Analyst
We continue to rely on the Information Technology sector but data security is becoming more important. These specialists are responsible for protecting data on websites and business servers from theft and fraud. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an information security analyst makes about $98,000 annually. This job will grow by 32% in the next ten years. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a stable job, higher income, and growth potential. In the next ten year, there will be approximately 35,000 new jobs.
3. Computer Systems Analyst
Businesses will continue to rely on technology and will need more computer system analysts to design new platforms. These professionals are vitally needed in the healthcare industry. These specialists must be able to understand both business and IT requirements. They consult with managers to determine IT needs. Computer systems analysts make an average of $88,000 per year and the industry is expected to grow at a rate around 9%. 54,000 new jobs are expected by 2028!
4. Mobile App Developer
Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing job areas in the world. Smartphones and tablets are changing the way we interact, do business, and access news and entertainment. This has increased the need for innovative and creative solutions.

10 Best Business Analysis Techniques Every Analyst Should Learn

December 29, 2019, Business analysts must be able to use both efficient and comprehensive data analysis techniques. Acomprehensive DA technique streamlines data. It makes it easier for shareholders to understand and define project strategies, responsibilities,and relationships. Data analysis used to be done in plaintexts and drawing diagrams. This era is gone, thankfully.
A reliable businessanalyst should be able to use various visual analysis techniques and strategies to achieve positive results. Let’s take a look at some of our favoritemethodologies.
Top10 Business Analysis Techniques
It’s important to be familiar with the most popular business analysis techniques, whether you are a business analyst or a person who is looking to get a certification in business analytics. This blog post will discuss the most popular BA methods that are used in different industries. Let’s get into them now!
1. SWOT Analysis
SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses,Opportunities, and Threats. This type of analysis provides a comprehensive overview of organizations that will enable them to seize opportunities, take advantage of their strengths, and accept their weaknesses. Let’s take a look at SWOT.
Strengths: This refers to the strengths of the business, its internal resources, and the advantages it has over its competitors.
Weaknesses:this includes what the business or team lacks and how it comparesdisapprovingly to its competition.
Opportunities: This includes all external opportunities and changes that an organization may be able to benefit from.
Threats: This includes when a competitor is about make major changes that could threaten the viability and viability of a company. Other risks include increased supplier expenses and changes in the economy or client behavior.
Benefits: Many companies use SWOT analysis as a BA technique. It is also very simple. It is an enterprise-level method that isn’t limited to business analysis. If the system allows it, and the team members are comfortable with it, it can be used at any stage of a project.
2. Business Process Modeling (BPM).
BPM, also known as business process mapping, is a visual representationof the processes within an enterprise. By utilizing visualizations of existing processes, the goal is to make it easier to improve efficiency and general advancement. Visualizationis used to show the progress of a project, or to show how it could work with improvements. This type of analysis can be used to get a better understanding of how work is done, and help in identifying inefficiencies or stagnant steps. The maps can also be used by employees to determine who is responsible for what.
Benefits: This is the easiest way to show how a production line will run through different roles. It’s also one of the most useful analysis techniques in the industry.

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