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Aspect of Ms-Excel 2019
Shikha Adya
March 16, 2020

With Microsoft 2019 release, we get the new featured MS-excel 2019 fully packed with new features and characteristics. After the basics, there are various up-gradation till now that make your job productive and easy as well. Let’s go with the basic introduction of Ms-excel:



Worksheet:  Worksheet is a grid of cells made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns. The worksheet contains 65.536 rows and 256 columns. 

Row Number: Each row is given a letter that identifies it, starts from 1,2,3,4 and Son on. 

Column Letter: Each Column is given a letter that identifies it, starts from A to Z, AA… AZ, BA...BZ    

Cell: Cell is a basic unit of the worksheet where numbers, text, formulas etc. can be placed. 

Cell Pointer: Cell Pinter is a cell boundary that specifies which the cell is active at that moment.

Current Cell: The current Cell is a cell that is active.  

Range of Cell: It is a group of contiguous cells that forms a rectangular area in shape. 

Work Book: A worksheet is a grid of cells made up of rows and columns. Multiple worksheet can be combined under a file know as workbook.

Cell Referencing: Each Cell in a worksheet has a unique address, when cell address is referred in formulas, it is called cell referencing. 

Absolute Referencing: The cell referencing in which the cell are referred by their fixed position (absolute position) in the worksheet. 

Mixed Referencing: Combination of relative and absolute referencing is called mixed referencing. 

Functions:Functions are predefined formulas that perform calculation by using specific values called arguments. 

Arguments:  Arguments are the values passed to the functions, using which the function carries out some task; it can be numbers, text, logical values, constants, formulas or other functions. 

Structure:  The structure of a function begins with the function name, followed by an opening parenthesis, the argument for the function separated by commas.   

Excel 2007 Formats   

Excel Work Book.xlsxThe default excel 2007 workbook format. In reality a zip compressed achieve with a directory structure of XML text documents. Functions as the primary replacement for the former binary  .xls format although it doesn’t support Excel macros for security reasons
Excel Macro-enables workbook.xlsmAs excel workbook, but with macro support
Excel Binary workbook.xlsbAs excel Macro-enables workbook, but  storing information in binary from rather than XML  document for opening and saving documents more quickly and efficiently
Excel Macro-enables Template.xltmA template document that forms a basis for actual workbooks with macro support. The replacement for the old .XLT format
Excel Add-in.xlamExcel add in to add extra functionality and tools inherent macro support due to the files purpose.

  Features of Excel 2019

  • Featured Office Add-ins: Office Add-ins help in increasing the Excel 2019 power by setting up particular small apps or programs that Microsoft office store releases from time to time. In order to set up and utilize these add-in, follow these steps. Go to insert then press Add-Ins, then go to My Add-ins and then search at See All. With various options, select one that you want to add in the Office Add-ins.
  • Optional Pivot Tables: While using pivot tables, you can use you’re excel data to create one or you can introduce a new pivot table from an individual DBM program. Moreover, Excel also recommends creating a pivot table depending on your data or you can select it from the list. Step to create it:  Select the cells containing data and go to Insert then choose Tables and then Recommended Pivot Tables and you would get Recommended PivotTables dialog box presentation complete list of tables.
  • Create charts for your data: If you are uncertain that which chart style will suit your data in the best way, then the first thing you will do is Select the data table and select the Insert option and go to Recommended Chart. Excel 2019 will show a dialog box depicting various samples of Charts from which you can choose.
  • Easy to go File Share options: When you are working in a team, File sharing is primary the requirement that Excel 2019 is meeting completely.  Now you can share working spreadsheets with your colleagues in Excel very easily.  Click on the share button placed on the right hand that authorizes others to see and alter the workbooks online. Additionally, in-office meetings and presentations, you can show your work easily to everyone.
  • Power to your Touch screen device: This Excel 2019 is proving a boon for desktop, laptop and even smart devices like Phones and Tablet. Excel 2019 offering featured Touch mode that provides a gap between command buttons establishing an easier functionality to work with your finger or stylus.