Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system on the planet today, but it failed to surpass Windows 7 in terms of PC use. Although Microsoft is disappointed by this result, the company knows that there is no way to fix it. Therefore, the management decided to move forward to avoid making the same mistakes again. Windows 10 is no longer in existence. This has been felt by many users.
Redstone 5 and Redstone 4 major updates, which were released in 2018 on Windows 10, proved to be as ineffective as possible. Microsoft has stopped monitoring the quality of software on Windows 10 devices. This is because the public will see a new OS in May 2019.
It’s about Lite OS, which is a completely new Microsoft OS. The organization has put a lot of effort into it. Forecasts predict that the test builds of Lite OS will be released immediately after the presentation, while the final stable version is expected to be released in the second half 2019. The latest software will receive many innovations, including a faster work speed and the ability to download an updated interface. This new feature will replace Windows 10.
These facts suggest that Windows 10 will soon cease to exist. Everyone will focus their attention on the new OS from the moment Lite OS is revealed. It’s either bad or good. Everyone should decide for themselves. However, it all depends on the new operating system. It will be so much better than the various Windows versions that have been released over the past decade.
Let’s look at the most common Windows 10 problems.
Activation errors
Users report that they were unable to activate their operating system after a free upgrade to Windows 7 with SP1 and Windows 8.1. The following are the errors reported by users: “This product key doesn’t work”, “A network problem occurred”, “A security issue occurred”, and “The software licensing services reported that an error occurred when checking the license.”
Chrome “Buggy”
Chrome users in Windows 10 have experienced many problems, including slow performance, especially when performing complex tasks such as watching a video. Google will most likely fix the bugs in the next update. Reinstalling Chrome has been helpful for some users.
Problems with folders
Some users believe that Windows 8 is superior to Windows 10 in an area called email client. The new OS does not allow you to create subfolders for organizing your mail correspondence. This is a problem for some people. There is no way out: you must wait for the Microsoft update.
Unstable Wi-Fi performance
Many people have lost Wi-Fi connectivity after upgrading to Windows 10. Restarting your computer is the easiest thing to do. You can also disable the Wi-Fi sharing function. This is a more reliable solution. The network sharing feature is activated by default in the operating system. The Wi-Fi settings can be disabled to make the wireless connection more stable.
Problems with drivers
This bug was reported by some users using NVIDIA video cards and multiple monitors. The video card driver has an error that causes flickering when working with multiple monitors and system failures when using multiple cards. This problem can be fixed by rolling back to the previous driver version.
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