Since 2003, EC-Council releases the most current version of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), to keep it current to the latest threats and technologies. It introduces the CEH (Practical Exam) which allows for the use of the most current technologies such as IoT, AI, and also the new approach to its certification process. Let us briefly discuss the new additions to this latest version. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH 11). This is a practical exam that lasts 6 hours and contains 20 challenges. It tests the practical knowledge and implementation skills of ethical hacking professionals. Professionals will need CEH to sit for the exam. They will be tested on vulnerabilities across major operating systems, databases, networks, and will have to pass the practical exam. The CEH (Practical), is available online in a fully proctored way. It also takes you through the pen testing steps to make the security assessment of cloud environment.Artificial Intelligence (AI) – It gives an overview of how the artificial intelligence can be deployed in defending the attacks on networks.Vulnerability Analysis – It teaches to perform vulnerability analysis to find out the loopholes covering lifecycle, approaches and different tools.Malware Analysis Process – This ec council course takes you through the process of thorough analysis of malware. This course will teach you how to reverse engineer malware in order to determine its origin, functionality, and impact. This allows you to get the most detailed information about malware and create the security techniques.
The CEH Certification Course emphasizes the practical approach. Each module will include hacking exercises to verify the skills learned. The training time is split in 60:40 between learning & practical’s. This allows the student to practice the skills and methodologies learned during training. It includes the integrated labs as well as the additional labs that can be practiced during self-study.