Microsoft recently released new role-based Azure certifications. These new role-based certifications are AZ-101, AZ-102, (AZ-200 AZ-201) AZ-201 AZ-203, AZ-201, AZ-201) AZ-203, AZ-203, AZ-353*, AZ-399, AZ-302 and AZ-301. For more information on the entire series, please visit New Role-based Azure Certification & Tracks from Microsoft.
*Update: AZ 203 (single exam), has been replaced with AZ -200 & AZ -201.

What is AZ100 Certification?
AZ-100 is for Azure administrators, who manage Cloud services that span storage, security and networking.
Administrators need to be able to manage the entire lifecycle of IT infrastructure. This certification exam also includes hands-on labs.
New Lab-Based Certification Pattern: Speed is the Key! !

There will be approximately 53 questions, and you will have 180 minutes to solve them. The time for each lab (8-10 tasks) is also included in the 180-minute time frame.
To deduce the answers, you must be quick when reading these questions and case studies.
My Experience:
There were 53 questions total during my certification exam. These 53 questions consisted of 2 case studies (with about 15 questions each), 38 miscellaneous and 2 labs (with 18 sub-tasks in total).
To do the lab or case study later, you cannot skip it. Exams are done in a specific order.
Lab: A single virtual environment can be opened in the browser. Labs must be done in the Azure portal. The screen displayed usernames and passwords for access to the Azure portal. I had to enter them because copy / past functionality was disabled.
Type of questions
Scenario based single answer question
Case studies with the 5-9 following questions
Single answer based on pictures
Multiple choice questions
Arrange the type of questions in the correct order. They will be based upon a task that must be completed. Steps to take an Azure backup.
Fill in the blanks for drag drop questions
What to Expect and How to Prepare?
Manage Azure subscription and resource (15-20%)
Implement and manage storage (20-25%)
Manage virtual machines (20-25%)
Configure and manage virtual networks (15-20%)
Manage Identities (15-20%)
The official AZ-100 certification description page contains subtopics. Official Azure documentation is recommended for preparation. If you would like to boot your preparation, please contact us here.
For more details kindly check following course details:
Microsoft Azure Exam BootCamp for AZ100 (Infrastructure & Deployment).
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