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What is Citrix XenApp and how can I use it?

Citrix XenApp is a name we may have heard many times, but do we all know what it is? Let’s take a closer look on this solution and the XepApp-focused certificate.
XenApp, formerly known as Citrix Presentation Server or Citrix MetaFrame Server. It is an application virtualization solution that allows users to connect to corporate applications from a variety of computers and mobile devices. XenApp hosts applications on central servers, allowing users to interact remotely with them or stream them to their devices for local execution. Citrix Xen App extends Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host desktop session and applications to users via the Citrix HDX protocol. XenApp was built originally on top of Citrix’s Windows Terminal Server platform, which was created in the mid 90s.
Citrix XenApp allows organizations to centrally manage Windows applications and computing resources in a secure, data center. This is particularly important for organizations that deal with sensitive data.
Citrix XenApp is a cross-platform solution that allows users to access these applications from any device, even non-Windows clients. Here’s how it works. Client devices can access XenApp sessions and apps using a software client Citrix receiver, which is available for a variety operating systems and client forms.
The HDX protocol allows smooth remote display capabilities, multimedia redirection and USB redirection. There are many other capabilities depending on the client device.
Citrix XenApp’s direct competitors include Microsoft Terminal Services Windows Server 2008, Quest Software vWorkspace Systancia AppliDisfusion, Spoon Server, Ericom Software WebConnect, and Systancia ApliDis Fusion. Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server offered similar functionality to serve Windows desktop sessions from Linux servers. Sun’s application virtualization offering Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides a complete solution that allows for both Windows and Unix applications to be delivered on all major platforms.
Citrix XenApp Certification
Citrix recently redesigned its certification program to make it more solution-based and more relevant to the changing needs of IT professionals and organizations. Three levels are available to demonstrate candidates’ skills and experiences in order to deliver successful Citrix solutions.
Citrix Certified Associate
Citrix Certified Professional
Citrix Certified Expert
For those who wish to certify knowledge about CitrixXenApp 6.5 solutions, the company offers the CCA credential for CitrixXenApp. Candidates must pass the Basic Administration for XenApp 6.5 exam to be eligible for this certification. IT tests your knowledge and skills to install, configure, administer, and maintain Citrix XenApp 6.5-on-demand applications.
The CitrixXenApp 6.5 Administration exam can be divided into the following sections. These sections can be used as a guide for preparation:
Understanding the Citrix Architecture
Licensing XenApp and Installation
Configuring XenApp Session
Configuring XenApp policies
Publishing Content and Applications
Additional Management
Management of Performance and Load
Configuring printing
Secure and Enable Web Access to Published Content and Applications
Getting XenApp certified is a smart career move by IT professionals looking to find their high-potential roles in large and medium-sized companies and corporations. The demand for remote access solutions that are secure and functional will continue to grow.
Citrix offers XenApp training on its website. ExamCollection also has a Citrix section.

Which is better, a degree in information technology or certifications?

Computers are today regarded as one of the most essential things a foundation or man can use. Many people have come to depend on data innovation to make things work. Sharing information has become much easier, despite the fact that it is physically separated. It is a branch that focuses on designing that uses broadcast communications and computers to retrieve, store, and then transmit data. This makes it a prominent player in the PC world.
Information Technology, also known as I.T. Information Technology, also known as I.T., is the most popular and fastest-growing industry in the world. Many people have achieved success in this field and are now at the top of their game. What is it about I.T. It is a lucrative career choice that offers a great opportunity for young professionals. Here are some reasons that Information Technology is a great choice for business success.
Innovation is also essential in the protection and recovery of printed and numerical information. This is often done using a microelectronics-based blend that combines broadcast communications and figuring, two of the most important fields. Software engineering is regularly credited with the advancements and headways made in this area.
Information Technology professionals are paid all over, in contrast to other experts. An I.T. expert is someone who can use technology to solve problems. An I.T. professional can find stability in any sector of society or business with the right combination of experience and certifications. Many organizations have been hiring specialists in distributed computing, digital security, and system security to upgrade their existing frameworks. There are many I.T. jobs. Many occupations offer great professional success opportunities for a dedicated I.T. professional. Data innovation is a more attractive vocation than many other choices. To become an I.T. professional, you don’t need to earn a 4-year degree. proficient. You can convince snappy people to prepare for certain areas of Information Technology. This will allow you to save huge amounts of money that you would have otherwise spent on school education. The more certifications and learning you have, the more you will progress in your career.
People who are looking for information technology jobs, job seekers under scrutiny about their credentials, and IT professionals who have found their dream jobs all agree that certifications or degrees are better than degrees. People who are driven, passionate, and yearning and whose main goal is to reach the highest level of any organization they join should likely choose a degree that is relevant for IT. If they don’t, they might face an unreasonable impediment that prevents them from achieving the majority of their professional goals.
It is possible to get both an IT higher education degree and IT certifications. Take a look at the following issues that can be addressed when you are pursuing both a data innovation degree as well as certifications.
A combination of IT certifications and an IT degree will tell the story about a well-rounded IT professional. IT certifications can be a great source for technical expertise and knowhow. A degree will provide valuable “soft skills” and knowledge that will help you build a career and not just a job.
Time. It may seem that getting a degree and getting certifications will take too much time. You’re in luck, however. Some programs, such as the IT degree at WGU, allow you to obtain industry certifications while you are completing your degree. You can pass certain courses and obtain certain IT certifications while you study. All costs are covered by education cost.
Propelled degrees. You might have a four-year certification in software engineering, or perhaps your four-year college education isn’t connected with data innovation. There is no reason to stress in any case. WGU offers graduate degrees for data innovation so that you can continue your training and open the best doors.
Adaptability. You might need to be flexible in order to attend school on your schedule. Traditional colleges won’t work for this reason. WGU is an online college that can work around your schedule to ensure you receive training when it suits you.
Cost. It may seem too expensive to get a degree in data innovations.

What is the IRCA Lead Auditor Course?

Auditing simply refers to the art and science of analysing all aspects of an organisation, an enterprise, or a business association. The job of auditor is performed by a professional auditor. In reality, he is responsible for observing the work of an enterprise and ensuring that it is performing its duties without any external and internal threats. If the organization is at risk of errors or threats, the auditor will propose solutions. Many courses in auditing are offered by different institutes, and can even be purchased online. These courses are designed to give interested individuals the skills, concepts, and absolute knowledge about auditing and its procedures. One of these courses is the IRCA lead auditor course. It was designed to inoculate auditoring expertise in those who work in the department of auditoring in organizations. This course is for those who want to be successful auditors. The IRCA lead auditor course provides the tools, software, and skills required to audit a company’s Quality Management System. A quality management system is a set or policies, rules, strategies, processes, and procedures that are used to implement business plans. It is essential for a company to achieve its goals flawlessly. Therefore, it is important to ensure that plans and strategies are error-free and have positive consequences before they are implemented. The IRCA lead auditor course supports this cause. Its primary goal is to provide all skills and understandings that an auditor must have before they can audit any quality management system in a company. These are the departments that hire lead auditors at acceptable pay scales.
Quality (ISO 9000).
Aerospace (AS 9100).
Medical (ISO 13485)
Audits of environmental quality (ISO 14001).
Information security (ISO 27001 : 2005)
Occupational safety and health (OHSAS 18001)

IRCA Lead Auditor Course Benefits:
A lead auditor is a highly qualified professional who can trust an organization, even if they need to reveal their confidential information in order to audit.
It is internationally recognized and promises bright futures for its certified personnel.
A company’s ability to function smoothly depends on many factors. One of these is the harmony between external and internal factors. A lead auditor is skilled in all the skills required to bridge the gap between external requirements and business plans.
These departments are usually those that require such auditors for work, as they are often the ones with trust issues. Therefore, the lead auditors are trained in how to keep information confidential.


What is the Google Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is a broad term that encompasses all concepts and terms used in marketing. Digital Marketing refers to the promotion of goods, services, and products using digital technologies like internet, web applications mobile phones, Search Engines, etc. Search Engines play a vital role in Digital Marketing, helping companies to gain traffic to their websites. Google is a well-known Search Engine and an important tool in Digital Marketing. Google Digital Marketing Courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the field. They are designed to give skills, knowledge, and understanding to those who work in the marketing department of any company or enterprise. There are many benefits to the Google Digital Marketing Course. A few can be listed below.
One can be an entrepreneur:
Students typically graduate and then search for an internship. The search eventually leads to finding a job that is suitable. The Google digital marketing course provides a learning platform that allows web marketers to further their careers in the marketing field. The whole process can be overwhelming, especially for the person carrying it. Digital marketing is the course that gives you the tools and knowledge to make yourself or your company stand out so you can get the job. It focuses on a single idea that the student wants to pursue. The certification then helps them to launch their idea in a successful manner.
One can work as an IT Professional.
Digital Marketing is a field that cannot be done without information technology concepts. Digital marketing is a combination of Information Technology and Marketing. The Google Digital Marketing Course qualifiers are qualified to work in any company or organization as IT professionals.


What Education Really Means for Cengage Customers

Reading Time: 1 Minute. If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that our education system still has plenty of room for improvement and new ideas. Students can learn and grow through their courses. Universities and instructors can do the same.
Cengage believes that education has the potential to transform lives. This belief kept students and educators motivated through the most difficult academic year in quite a while. This video features important stories from real Cengage users who gave their best because they were empowered by education.

Political Memes: How an Educator Uses Them In Her Course

Author: Dr. Emily Stacey of Rose State College

Since at least a decade ago, the era of political memes has been here. But, as they have become a mainstay in political culture, communication, and communication for younger generations. How has Political Science recognized their potential influence on other fields?

I am a #millennial professor. My students love a good political meme. I have incorporated memes into many of my basic class presentations.
I make sure that memes resonate with my students. We all know that many of our students are part of the “soundbite generation.” Memes can be used to convey general information, provoke emotion, or make light of a particular situation. In our case, it is politics.
Here are some ways to use memes in your Political Science courses.
1. Make sure that the meme is catchy.
A meme generator with thousands of images from the mainstream is best. These images are easily recognizable, so you can add your own flavor!
Many generators allow you to upload photos for maximum meme-ability.
2. Make sure your message matches the image.
This is the most important. Your meme is the political communication. You don’t need to explain it. It doesn’t work with students if you explain it.
3. Be bipartisan, or nonpartisan.
Although it’s difficult for anyone to laugh these days, political memes can be both funny and useful.
Avoid using memes from one political party or one official too often, as it could alienate students.

4. Get involved with your students.
In my Political Media course, I use this assignment to make political memes. It could also be used in any American Government course to add to a media chapter or where political cartoons were covered before the digital revolution.
The assignment for my Media course is more complex. One example: In the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica, I had students search the memes and advertisements submitted to Congress by Mark Zuckerberg. Students created a meme featuring misinformation or disinformation that would influence voters.
Each student presents a selection of their own memes to the class. The results are always amusing and fascinating.
This assignment could be used in an American Government course. I would simply ask students to create a political meme to influence voters/citizens on various topics. You could divide the class into groups and assign each group a political issue, such as immigration, health, or the election.
5. Enjoy the memes.
Students can present their memes to class. It’s a great way to get everyone involved with politics and understand how social media affects voters and voting behavior.
Happy meme-ing!

Check out our entire library of professional development materials for more insights and peer-tested advice on teaching effective courses.

PMP – Is it really THAT good?

Project Management Professional (PMP), certification is one of those credentials that keeps coming up in every best paid certifications’ list. Is it really that good? Should you pursue it? Let’s take a closer view.
PMP was developed and offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). There are over 500,000 PMI certified holders. This credential can be used to enhance a career in project management.
Despite the credential being very popular, many project managers claim that certification does not confer the industry knowledge and professionalism that is required to earn high salaries. It is a result of years of hard work and professional experiences. However, there is a lot of resistance to the idea that project management may have a different quality, e.g. It is possible to manage a project for a small, medium or large company as well as a Fortune 500 company. PMP also opens up the possibility of working with Fortune 500 companies.
Experts in project management agree that the PMP certification creates a common language between project managers and allows them to work within a shared framework. The PMP certification gives its holders the ability to apply processes, tools, techniques to projects better. It builds on the Project Management Body of Knowledge framework and shows that you can build your personal brand within your company as someone who is able to deliver. Managers must be able to deliver consistent and successful projects using PMBOK framework in order to move up the project ladder to more complex projects and better-respected business organizations. You will be able to compete for higher-ranking positions by demonstrating greater competence in managing complex projects.
However, it is not a guarantee of success in your career, unlike any other certification. It does not prove your track record in delivering successful projects. It is a great way to distinguish yourself from other candidates and make it easier to get great jobs, especially for those with less experience. It’s a great way to kickstart your project management career.
What about those who have been in project management for many years and are satisfied with their career progression and don’t feel the need to be validated? Congratulations if this is you. You don’t need to spend the time or money on this credential. You could be doing great no matter where you are!
There is still much to be considered. Many PMP holders say that the credential has helped them improve their perception of themselves, how they are perceived by other project managers, and the credibility they have been granted. This is especially true for candidates who haven’t built up their reputation and name.
PMP is a great place to start your career as a project manager. You meet other PMP holders as well as people in the industry. This is the same benefit many get from MBA, MA, or other high-end college programs: networking, getting to meet people, and forming the circle that has high potential for exceptional professional opportunities, references, endorsements, etc. It’s no secret that personal connections are important these days.
If you’re looking to make around $1000 (PMI and PMP registrations + preparation materials, courses etc), then you need to be prepared to study hard. The PMP exam is extremely complex and has a high failure rate. But, if certifications are associated with high salaries, it is not easy.
Before you take out your credit card to pay for your PMP certificateio,

PMI-PBA: New PMI Certification!

You may have heard that the PMI PMP (Project Management Professional), certification is the highest-paid credential in the world. With salaries rising rapidly, how many people would not consider changing careers to project management?
PMI has launched a new certification this year that targets business analysts: the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI–PBA). You may be one of the first to hold the PMP-PBA in the world, as the pilot phase of this project is now underway. Is this the right credential for you?
More information on Business Analysis
What is business analysis? And what does a business analyst do? PMI defines business analysis as the “evaluation of an organization’s needs, followed by the identification of and management of requirements to arrive at a solution.”
You don’t need to be a Business Analyst to be eligible for the PMI–PBA. However, it is necessary that you have sufficient professional experience. The PMI states that the certification was created to help staff understand the fine art and practice of business analysis. This involves evaluating an organization’s business needs and then quantifying and managing them.
Overview of PMI eligibility
RequirementOption1Option2Education levelHigh school diploma, associate degree or global equivalentBachelor of business analysis or global equivalent2,000 hours working with project teams in the past 8 consecutive years*Business analysis education (contact hour)25 hours during the pilot, 35 hours post-pilot**25 hours during the pilot, 35 hours after the pilot**35 hours post-pilot**
Certification Eligibility and the Process
You must follow these steps to become PMI-PBA. They are very similar to other PMI certifications.
Complete the application and submit it
Wait for the review of your application
Audited* to meet audit requirements
If your application is approved, you will be charged fees
Schedule exam
Pass exam
After three years, re-certify CCR
PMI audits are often random. If you’re audited you will need to provide more detail about your experience. Candidates have 90 days to meet the audit requirements. PMI reviews audit materials within 5 – 7 business days.
Pilot Phase PMI-PBA
Applications are now being accepted for the pilot phase of the certification. The pilot exam will be held through August 4. PMI states that it takes five days to review an electronic application. Candidates must submit their applications by July 28 to be eligible to take the pilot exam. Paper applications can take up to 2 weeks so you need to submit your application by July 14. That means you still have 4 weeks! These timelines assume that your application will not be audited. The good news is that the pilot exam will refund 20% to candidates who take it – which is important considering the cost of PMI’s preparation materials and exams.
The official exam outline can be used to prepare you for the PMI/PBA exam.
The exam covers five domains.
Needs Assessment – 18%
Planning – 22%
Analysis – 35%
Traceability and Monitoring – 15%
Evaluation – 10%
Each domain is broken down into topics and tasks, which are all included in the outline. We have spoken to PMI credential holders about the outline.

CompTIA Project+ vs. PMI CAPM. Which one should you choose?

We have been discussing PMP, the ultimate credential in project management. It takes years of hard work and maybe some entry-level certifications to build the knowledge and experience necessary to become eligible for this certification. We have selected two options that are the best for stepping into the PMP: the PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (Certified Associate in Project Management) and the CompTIA Project+.
The CAPM is clearly a better choice than Project+, as it was developed by PMI, an organization that sets standards for project management. The good news is that Project+ was built on the same PMBOK (project manager body of knowledge) and therefore covers the same information as CAPM. What is the difference between these credentials?
First, prerequisites. The PMI is not making it easy with the CAPM, just like the PMP. Candidates must have 1,500 hours of documented experience in project management (approximately 9 month of full-time employment) or 23 hours of classroom training in project management to be eligible for the Certified Associate In Project Management credential. These requirements are not required for Project+.
Both Project+ and CAPM require that you sit one exam that covers similar topics. While neither exam is easy and some people may fail, the CAPM fail rate is not as high as the PMP, which is notoriously difficult.
IT professionals who are interested in project management will find the CAPM a great option. It’s important to remember that the CAPM is an entry-level certification and will not lead to a job in project management. It may be useful for IT professionals who are required to manage multiple aspects of project management in their day and require project management training to help them work more efficiently. These candidates might also be interested in CompTIA Project+ certification.
CompTIA is a respected certifying body because of its quality and balanced certifications. CompTIA’s Project+ is another example. Project+ is a more comprehensive computing industry organization than the CAPM. It develops its certification programs using the input and needs of industry stakeholders such as government agencies, education institutions, and IT companies. CompTIA Project+ certification targets project management with a special focus in the IT industry. This adds tremendous value to the certification.
CompTIA Project+ certification doesn’t require any prerequisites. Candidates must take one exam: PK0-003.
Many project management experts and certification holders agree that Project+ is easier to get than the CAPM. However, Project+ is just a step-stone to the PMP as CAPM. However, Project+ is a better option than the CAPM for entry-level positions in project management.
Both credentials are worth your attention if looking for a project management certification. The CAPM certainly has the edge and challenge, while CompTIA Project+ is more IT-focused, which may be a significant advantage for many candidates.

How can we prevent or only manage personal data theft?

Author: Mark Ciampa

Imagine that you were the king or small nation hundreds of years ago. An enemy has grown angry with you and threatened to attack your castle and invade it. Your workers spend months building a moat around the castle and strengthening the castle walls by raising them. Your enemy can attack your castle and break through your defenses, allowing him to enter your castle. What should you do? Continue to prevent the enemy entering your castle by digging deeper moats. You could spend your resources instead on managing that invasion into your castle.
What would you do in this case?
Imagine your family and friends gathering at the home in the country where one your relatives lives for the holidays. Blue is a dog owned by a relative. Blue will be outside the house while the festivities continue. Everyone has been warned that Blue might try to get in, so make sure all doors are closed. Blue can get in if a child accidentally opens a door. What should you do? Keep the doors locked to stop Blue from entering the house. Instead, capture Blue and take him outside.
This is it:
Imagine that you have a major research paper due to a class. You mistakenly write the due date on your calendar for the next week. The paper is not due until you turn it in. Late assignments will not be accepted. What do you do? You can record the due date in your calendar, and make notes to remind you when the research paper is due. To ensure the highest grade possible, you can work hard on the remaining assignments.
How can you prevent or manage the situation?
These examples show that preventing something bad from happening -a king attacking, a dog entering the house, forgetting when a paper due -is very different from dealing with the fact it has already occurred -the king is at the castle, the dog is inside the house, and a zero for the research paper. Once the bad event occurs, the focus shifts to managing it rather than putting resources into preventing it from happening again.
There is a growing chorus among security professionals that says our security approach must change. Instead of focusing on the prevention of attacks, we need to realize that attacks have already taken place and that our data is at the disposal of the attackers. We need to think about managing, not preventing.
However, prevention is not useless. Prevention continues to play a vital role. It simply means that we should not focus on preventing data loss, but how to manage it.
The numbers surrounding lost data are staggering. Marriott announced late November 2018 that half a million potential victims had the following stolen data:
Their names
Credit card numbers
Phone numbers
Passport numbers
Destinations for travel
arrival/departure dates
But that’s nothing when you consider the three billion Yahoo accounts that were hacked in 2013. According to Risk Based Security, Inc., over 24 billion credentials were stolen or exposed. Attackers can buy your data for such low prices.
Your social security number is available for sale for $3 today
Your medical record can be sold for $5
your credit card number for $7
Your complete credit report for $100
If you have $6,000 in a bank account, your username and password can be purchased for $270.
Your Personal Data is Out There – Whether You Like It Or Not
Today, security professionals say that we must realize that our data has been stolen. According to a supervisory special agent from the FBI, who investigates these online attacks, we shouldn’t worry about whether our data has been stolen. Instead,
Every American should assume that all their data is available.
Another security professional stated that we now have to face two harsh realities.
All data that you consider to be important has been compromised.
All data that you provide to a company starting today will also be stolen.
Now, the primary focus shifts to managing stolen data rather than preventing it from being leaked. Now, we must prevent attackers using and abused our stolen data.
Here’s what you can accomplish:
To ensure that your stolen data is safe, freeze your credit files at all major credit bureaus. You can also order free copies of your credit reports every quarter.
Register for your own account at Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administra

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