By Delana HallstedtPresident’s Day sees me packing up my son to take to work with me. My husband and I have clearly fallen off the wagon regarding daycare for this school holiday. There is nothing a quiet corner of my office with a laptop and an iPod touch can’t handle. We have this!
We drove by a brick-and-mortar publishing company on our way in and he asked me how Boson publishes his work.
It can be difficult to explain the concept behind our practice tests to non-technical adult acquaintances, who are often not aware of technology certification exams. It was easier for me to explain it to my son. “We don’t use paper to deliver our practice exams, we use computers. The customer purchases our product and we send them a code which allows them to download anything they purchased over the Internet.” This is thanks to iTunes and gift certificates.
Next, I asked him why he did what he did at Boson. He can easily relate it back to school tests. I also explained that adults who want work in certain jobs must pass tests to prove that they are competent in the work. As a grownup, the test must be paid for. Sometimes they can be quite expensive. If someone fails to pass the test, they may have to pay again. We offer practice tests to help people study and understand the material they might see on the actual test. This will ensure that they only have to take it once.
“So basically, you can save people money.”
Okay, that’s what I do at Boson. It’s simple enough for a nine year old to understand — if only everyone could. I think I could explain NetSim using the iPod as an example ….. What if you wanted to create an iPod-compatible game, but didn’t want one? You could still test it out and see if it works. It would be more convenient to buy one thing that can act like all of them, rather than having to buy all of them.” We didn’t have the chance to explore that route before we arrived at work. Perhaps that will be a topic on the commute home.

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