Cloud computing is rapidly growing and is taking over the tech market. The cloud has opened up a wide range of new opportunities in the last decade. Many organizations are moving to the cloud, and many more are planning to do so. Cloud professionals find it very inspiring, as the demand for them is directly proportional with the growth in cloud computing. This has made a significant shift in the market for job seekers.

Cloud Architect
To stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of current opportunities, becoming a Cloud Architect is a popular way to be a Cloud Architect. Cloud Architects will be in demand as cloud computing becomes more widely used. A Cloud Architect is responsible for configuring all components necessary for successful cloud deployment. They also connect remote servers to build cloud networks, set up back-end and front-end platforms, and develop a cloud-based delivery system. A Cloud Architect is responsible for building cloud storage and computing systems from scratch, ensuring system security and compliance.
You need to have the following skills to become a Cloud Architect
Architects who don’t like to learn new things and don’t believe in constantly updating their skills will never be able to grow. Tyrion Lannister, in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”, says that he drinks and knows things. The same applies to learning to know things. The most valuable attribute is the ability to learn.
You must also have a deep understanding of cloud computing. Also, you must have a solid understanding of:

1. Command over Programming Languages. A basic understanding of any programming language or scripting language is a great asset to your career as a cloud architect. It is important to understand programming languages such as python, JSON and NodeJS.
2. Expertise in Data Storage Security:Data Storage is the most important aspect to cloud services. It is obvious how vital it is. It is important to have a solid knowledge of data storage.
Cloud security is so important that a Cloud Architect should have a good understanding of the core security principles. A basic understanding of security principles, such as firewalls, is essential.
3. Knowledge of any one Operating System: At least one operating system must be well-known. Linux is highly recommended because it is widely used in organizations and is extremely stable.
4. Understanding Networking Concepts: If you are interested in a career as cloud architect, you should be familiar with networking concepts like TCP/IP and IP addresses.
5. Database experience: A basic knowledge of DBMS systems such as SQL, MySQL, and others. This is a must-have because many organizations are migrating or deploying their databases in the cloud.
6. Cloud Platforms Expertise:The title of the job is Cloud Architect. It is obvious that this position requires expertise in the cloud. This skill is essential and non-negotiable. A Cloud Architect is not possible without knowledge and proficiency in this area. Cloud Architect is a high-ranking position that requires more than a basic understanding. You should have a deep understanding of cloud technology.
Certification Path to Become A Cloud Architect
1. Basic cloud certification: To become a Cloud Architect you must first understand the cloud. It is essential that you have a basic understanding of the cloud. AWS offers certification as an ‘AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner’, which provides the foundational knowledge in Cloud computing. Azure offers the same certifications as ‘AZ900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

2. Cloud Architect certification