• Porting Assistant for.NET Client: Back-end assessment APIs, project porting code, and back-end assessment APIs to make it easier to interface with the assistant from an application’s source code. It’s here.
  • Codelyzer: This is the source code analyzer used in the assessment APIs. It can be found here.
  • Porting Assistant for.NET Datastore – The original repository containing data sets used in compatibility assessments, as well as a new Recommendations Folder for contributing to the NuGet or API replacement data. It can be found here.

AWS stated that they are excited about the Porting assistant for.NET and the positive response from the.NET community. “As you know, we will be maintaining a roadmap within the repositories. The future direction of the assistant includes IDE integrations, a command line interface, and improved support to scan source code repositories (public or private). “We are aware that porting.NET applications is a broad topic and that a community-based approach is necessary to tackle it. We plan to continue to work on extensibility, such as allowing users to add logic to expand the analysis. The team welcomes all feedback and contributions in these areas and more and looks forward to further collaboration with the community.