Chris Ward, Microsoft Office master.

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Professional: A+ 2003, Network+ and INet+ certifications. Expertise in Project Management and Cisco Wireless, End-user Training, and Train the Trainer.
Since 2006, CBT
When I’m not making CBT Nuggets videos you’ll find my… practicing martial arts and pastoring a congregation (usually not simultaneously).
Favorite Nugget – PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 “Powerful PowerPoint Presents- LIVE”
Being a trainer is the best thing about it. Knowing that I am improving someone’s skills, which then improves their ability to advance or their career, which in turn improves their life.
Because technology is a gift to our generation, I am passionate about IT training. It allows us to serve our families and communities with greater speed and effectiveness. Whether it’s networking, the desktops/laptops/iPads, or the software running on these devices, it’s vital that we know how to use the tools we have.
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