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I’m not a stranger to managing project resources. I am half of a serial entrepreneur team with interests in digital marketing and ecommerce.
My experience is that getting a small business started is similar to managing any other project. However, there are more constraints for small business startups. Due to a lack of formalized project management procedures and systems, entrepreneurs often over-allocate their resources to too many tasks. This causes them to run into resource constraints more often.
This article will discuss what project management resource limitations are. I will give you many examples of project constraints to make it easy to visualize. I’ll then discuss some of the techniques you can use to manage resource constraints, including how to allocate resources with competing demands and maximize resource utilization. I’ll then link you to the resources that will help you improve your resource management strategies.
This article explains.
Importance Project Constraints
What are Resource Constraints?
Predicting Constraints is Important
Strategies to Manage Constraints
Tools to Manage Constraints
Understanding project constraints is crucial
Imagine that you are the COVID-19 program head at your company. Your daily goal is to administer 96 doses. Your company is 960 strong so you expect everyone to have the first dose within 10 working days.
You estimate that the project will be completed in 33 days if there is a 21-day interval between doses.
Great! You have your bosses’ approval on your project management plan.
Here is an example of a project schedule for a vaccine project.
Five days into your vaccination schedule, your target vaccination rate is way below you. This has you wondering: What went wrong?
There are many things. Although you gave 15 minutes for each person to arrive and get vaccinated, it took 20 minutes. You didn’t account for tardiness. There were three nurses on hand, but you needed at most one more to manage incidents. Your venue was too small!
It is clear that you have failed to plan and identify your project constraints. These constraints are the reason why you are behind.
The Theory of Constraints
Constraints are the weakest link in a system, according to Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. This framework explains how you can strengthen or leverage constraints to increase output or production.
The Theory of Constraints, which was developed from the manufacturing industry, explains how constraints can slow down production and ultimately reduce your ability to make money.
As an example, in a box making plant, the maximum number of boxes a machine can make per hour is a constraint. Your plant’s production can only produce 50 boxes per minute if it can only make 3,000 boxes an hour or 24,000 per shift.
A schedule for box production that illustrates how the number produced per minute is a constraint.
The Theory of Constraints is a framework that allows project managers to look at constraints as limiting factors that can be systematically managed or dealt with to make sure they don’t become a roadblock to project success.
Projects can succeed even if there are project management constraints. However, a project constraint can limit your options and make it difficult to complete your projects.
Project management constraints can be properly managed to ensure a successful project outcome.
A good project manager will always consider project management constraints when creating his project management plan. ).
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