What are the top qualities you should look for in a project management system? You can scale up and be prepared for the unexpected with customizability.
Imagine this: You are a project manager who is leading the charge to change project management (PM), tools for your small business. You are advocating for something that will improve the efficiency of your team. It’s the day of the switch and everything doesn’t seem to work. Your team is confused and frustrated. This sounds like your worst nightmare.
A team I worked with experienced something similar. The tool was easy to customize and project managers could quickly make adjustments to make everyone feel more at ease. This tool ultimately helped improve workflows and tasks management.
While it’s normal for teams and individuals to experience some friction when switching to a new system, this example shows why you need a project management tool that can be customized. A customizable PM software gives you more options for adapting to your existing processes. You can also grow and change your processes with a customizable project management tool.
Capterra is your best choice when it comes to selecting the best project management tool for you business. We reviewed thousands of reviews to find out how users felt about the customizability of project management tools, and then gave each tool a sentiment score.
We’ll be sharing the top five products so you can add them to your shortlist. If none of these suit your needs, you can look at our project management directory for more tools.
What is a sentiment score?
This score shows how users feel regarding individual software products. On a scale from 0 (negative) to 10, we rate sentiment. The sentiment score of a tool is a measure of how users feel about it.
Capterra uses sentiment scores (negative, neutral, and positive) to determine how users feel about certain tools. These scores are particularly useful if you want information about specific aspects of a tool such as customizability.
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ProductCustomizability Sentiment Score (out of 10)Wrike6.61Meistertask6.37Workfront6.33Smartsheet6.28monday.com6.23

4.2/5.0165858 reviews
Wrike is a cloud-based, project management system that’s ideal for small businesses and enterprise teams with more than 20 employees.
The platform supports remote teams and includes frequently requested Capterra features like the ability to create Gantt chart. It also offers calendars, real-time updates, and a workload view to help resource management.
Wrike is a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to manage task dependency. Wrike’s customization allows you to create custom workflows and dashboards for reporting. You can also change your background theme on the platform.
Wrike has many ways to customize the platform, including as a ticketing system, bug tracking tool, or for video production planning.

What do Wrike users think?

4.7/5.0946 Reviews
Meistertask, a cloud-based task and project management tool for all sizes of businesses, is available. Time management, task and tracking, reporting, and reporting are key features of Meistertask project management. Users can share due dates, project details, create checklists and upload files.
Meistertask boasts its customizable product, beginning with the user interface. You can change the background image by either selecting one of the options in Meistertask or uploading a custom image. You can also modify the colors and icons in your project task list.
Users can automate their workflows by creating custom tags. Meistertask offers different views depending on the type and scope of your project.

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