Galen Low is joined at WMA Inc. by Bill Moroz, Senior Manager of Project Management. Together, they will break down the most obvious warning signs that your transformation may be in danger and give you practical tips on how you can respond to maintain momentum.
Highlights from Interviews
Bill Moroz is an agile delivery coach, and a seasoned leader in enterprise human-centered digital transformation. [1:15]
Since the beginning of time, transformation has been taking place. Everything’s evolving, everything’s changing, everything’s adapting. Because we live in the digital age, we just put the word digital before it. [2:13]
Bill gives some examples of digital transformations. They have always sold product as a company. They can offer or sell more product faster to a wider market through digital transformation. They can adapt more quickly to changing markets and report using analytical datapoints. Their business direction is more confident thanks to data-based information. [3:24]
To say that… “it’s not broken, it’s working fine” This means you are not winning. Unrealizingly, you’re losing the game you were trying to win.
Bill Moroz Panic mode, crisis or emergency situations are the biggest stalling factors for digital transformation. [10:06]
You can use metrics to determine if you are moving in the right direction. [10:29]
It’s not necessary to manage expectations of moving in a certain direction. But it’s the momentum of returning to the word propellant that keeps us moving in the right directions. [10:50]
Transparency is priceless Transparency is a sign of buy-in.
Bill Moroz Bill also shares the top reasons digital transformations fail, such as poor communication, poor planning and insufficient focus on change management. He also shares his thoughts about the inability to communicate clearly, poor planning, poor budget, insufficient understanding of the larger vision, resistance towards greenfield thinking, and other factors. [11:34]
Lack of a strong champion and leadership commitment are two red flags that could indicate that your digital transformation project is about to hit a roadblock. [12:25]
The three-pronged project manager’s gold triangle: resources, time and money. [25:55]
You need to have the data in place to measure your success.
Bill Moroz The program is all about delivering the transformation. Successful delivery is pivoting, which is course-correcting, and understanding where you are now and where you want to go. [30:51]
Pivoting is a good thing. Pivoting is a way to correct our course as we move forward.
Bill Moroz Meet Our Guest
Bill is a veteran client-facing delivery champion who helps to enable CX business transformations through Agile delivery of complex technology solutions and applications.
Bill has been helping large banks, financial services and telecommunications companies to drive results for over 22 years by successfully promoting and developing, delivering and migrating complex enterprise-wide programs.
He has a strong track record of positive on time and on budget results. But his true passion is to bring out the fun in digital delivery through strong teams, data-driven storytelling and celebrating wins with stakeholders and other stakeholders.
You build trust with your team. This keeps your team motivated and on track.
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