AWS recently added two new features to Route 53 health check, which are string matching and HTTPS support. Let’s find out what these features are and how they can help a DevOps Engineer.
Route53 Health checks support both TCP and HTTP endpoints. Route53 would attempt to establish a TCP connection in both options. This connection must be established within four seconds. Route53 expects a HTTP 200 status code or higher (but not more than 400) in the response to establish that the resource is safe.
Support for HTTPS
Route 53 supports HTTPS, which will make resource health checks easier than SSL. Route 53 is similar to HTTP health check. It establishes a TCP connection over port 443 (default). Before HTTPS support, web servers that had SSL enabled needed to serve at most one page over HTTP to pass the health check.
Matching String
You can now specify a string that Route 53 will need to look for in the HTTPS or HTTPS health check response to determine if the instance is healthy. There are many opportunities for DevOps Engineers to improve the availability and performance of the application.
As a Route53 end point, you could have an application status page (say status.php). This page could be used to check the server’s health, application connectivity, and other pertinent internal health checks. It also allows you to update a string that would indicate that the server has been healthy. Route53 would then look for the string to determine if the resource is healthy. DevOps engineers could increase the availability by performing multiple status checks in one operation and then provide the same input to Route53. The string must appear within the first 5120 bytes in the response body.
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