The most prestigious certification in project management is CAPM. To pass the CAPM certification exam, you must prepare well. There are 150 questions. To pass the CAPM certification exam, it is important to practice answering questions and practicing CAPM answers.
Take notes when you practice CAPM questions and answer. To strengthen your knowledge, you can go back to the project management knowledge area.
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This post will cover 20 CAPM questions. We will provide rationales for each CAPM query and answer. You will be able to see the relationship between each CAPM question, and its answers with the PMBOK project management knowledge areas.

Questions and answers #1 CAPM
The head of engineering and a manager discuss a possible change to a major work program. The manager then contacts you to tell you to complete the paperwork in order to make the change. This is an example:
A-) Management attention to scope control.
B-) Management planning.
C-) A project expediter position.
D-) A change control program.

C is the correct answer. The project manager acts as the secretary and handles the paperwork. This is an example for a project expediter position in which the project manager has no authority or power. The project manager is responsible for only paperwork.
Knowledge Area: Organizational Influences & Project Lifecycle
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A team member asks about the measures that will be used to measure performance during a team meeting. One team member feels that not all the measurements related to his activities are valid. Which part of project management is the BEST?
A-) Initiating
B-) Executing
C-) Monitoring and Controlling
D-) Closing
Answer: B. Executing. The question asks whether the team member feels that some of the measures governing his activities are invalid. He must be present during the executing phase, where project deliverables and project members are produced.
Knowledge Area: Project Management Processes
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Questions and answers #3 about CAPM
Your company has just won a major project. It will be completed in three months and has a value of 2m USD. You are the project manager of an existing project. What should you do the FIRST thing that you hear about the new project?
A-) Ask the management how the new project will use resources
B-) Resource level your project
C-) Crash your Project
D-) Ask your manager how the new project will impact your project
D. Ask your manager how the new project will impact your project. This is yet another project your company will be executing, so you need to know how it will affect your project.
Knowledge Area: Integration Management Knowledge Area
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Questions and answers #4 for CAPM
You are a brand new project manager and have never managed a project before. In this situation, it would be best to rely on _____ during pla