• Are they really trying to help people? Are they really trying to help people or are they just trying make a quick buck.
  • Are they new or have they been around for a while?
  • Do they reply to emails you send?

Do They Love What They Do? Can you tell? I believe the most important thing about interacting with someone online is to determine if they truly love what they do. Are they sincere? Do they love helping people? PM Prepcast was my first online training program. But I didn’t just click on a sale page and buy it instantly. Through the PM Podcast, I got to know Cornelius Fichtner and even emailed him several times with questions about project management. It was obvious that Cornelius Fichtner was the real deal. When I needed to purchase great training for the PMP exam, I knew who I could trust. After I bought it, I was so impressed that it is the only PMP training program that I recommend. Trust must be earned over time. It’s not something that you feel instantly for someone when you first meet them or visit their website. Cornelius is a great friend and will not steer anyone wrong if referred to me. But trust was earned over time. To close, I urge everyone to be cautious and do your research before making any major purchase online or offline. You can buy training or other items online from real people. In real life, some people are in it for love while others aren’t. What have your experiences been with online training? It can be a great way to start your due diligence by listening to the experiences of others in a similar situation. Please leave your comments!