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You have heard about the benefits of being a PMP, and you are now ready to take the exam!
Great! Before you begin to prepare for the exam, take a moment to verify your eligibility. This article will help you do just that.
What is the eligibility criteria?
(1) If you have a Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, you should be able show at least 4500 hours of project-management experience. Otherwise, you should show at least 7500 hours. This experience must be applicable to all five process groups. You should also indicate your experience in Initiating and Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing process groups. However, relax! It doesn’t mean that you need to be proficient in every aspect of every project you have worked on. You might have joined a project during the execution phase, but not in the planning or initiating phases. You might have left a project mid-way through planning and initiating it. In this scenario, you would not have been able to participate in the ‘Closing” activity for this project. This is all fine and acceptable provided that you have experience in at least one of these process groups.
(2) You must have completed at most 35 hours of Project Management education. When filling out the application form, you will need to provide the start and end dates, as well as the name and course number of the course provider. You can either attend training classes offered by your employer, or you might choose to take online courses. You might also be able to attend classroom-based sessions that are offered by different training institutions. You should ensure that the course only covers Project Management topics. This audio training course is another option to earn 35 contact hours.
You don’t need to submit any documentation proving your education or experience at the time you submit your application for the exam. These documents may not even be required. If you are selected for an audit, the only time that you will need to provide documentation of your education and experiences is when your application is accepted. It is always a good idea to have documentation of your education and experience in case you need them.
Remember that your PMI membership is required to fill out your examination form. This is because you will have access to additional study material and also financial benefits. You will need to pay USD555 if you apply for the exam but not become a PMI member. If you apply for the exam and become a PMI Member, you will need to pay USD 555. This amounts to USD 534. Which option would you choose? I prefer to become a PMP member before anything else. You must apply for the exam within one year after becoming a PMI member. Otherwise, your membership would expire and you would have to pay USD 555 again for the exam.
Get ready to take your PMP exam!