I would like to try something different, highlighting the most valuable comments received in the past week.
I love getting comments on blog posts and participating in the discussion.
Approaching Project Management Interviews
Jennifer Bedell shared a great story about her approach to the interview process on “How to Connect with People in Your Target Organizations”.
She shared a story about a situation in which she had no contacts within the hiring company, and how she handled the whole thing. This is a must-read!
Project Definition
Questions and debate are the best way to clarify and mold ideas. ?Aravind did the same with me on “What Is A Project-Goldilocks Edition” about managing cost in the definition and execution of a project.
It’s worth a look!
New members of the community
I also want to shout out new subscribers who are taking action in order to improve their careers.
Project Management Career Advice That Works – Welcome to 72 new members
PMP Exam Study Tips That Work – Welcome to 62 New Members!
All, welcome! It’s great to see you here, gaining value from the information I put out there, and I love the email discussions and comments we have.
Have a great weekend everyone!