Traditional methods of project management don’t always work. They are not always able to deliver the right result at the right price and within the right timeframe. Many businesses are turning to agile project management to bring about change. Agile development allows project teams focus on short, intense phases (called iterations) and then focus on key tasks (collectively known as user stories). Agile development is a way for project teams to spend less time on design upfront and more time developing user needs. This is a departure form traditional methods of development. Learn more about agile development to transform your business.
Project development takes less time and costs.
Traditional projects are known for being expensive and require a lot of work upfront. This investment allows for a detailed design which can be used by project team. It can be difficult to get the design right early in a project. It is better to spend your time exploring alternative ideas rather than working on the design. Agile project management techniques reduce upfront costs, and allow you to focus your budget on development time. This can help reduce delivery time and costs by not wasting time on things customers don’t use.
Customer satisfaction rises
Customers and users know exactly their needs. These needs must be identified by the project team. Agile development puts the user at the heart of every decision. The product owner, also known as the lead customer, reviews each phase and gives feedback. This allows both the customer and the project team to quickly respond and ensures that final product meets user expectations. This speeds up the process and improves customer satisfaction with the final product.
Manage business risks more closely
Every project is different. These risks can have an impact on the delivery time, cost, and product quality. Agile development methods can help manage these risks more effectively. Iterative development allows for greater control over budget and time because work is done in short, clearly defined iterations. Throughout the entire development process, the product owner is involved in the design. This allows the team and product owner to work together to overcome any obstacles. Agile development does not make delivery easier, but it does make it easier to manage the delivery.
More efficient use
Traditional project teams can be wasteful. When you only have one or two experts, it is common to have multiple people working on a project. Agile development avoids this problem by focusing only on a few user stories. This makes it easier to plan for people and time. Every day, everyone in the team can review the task and it helps to clarify who is responsible for each activity.
Agile development has brought about significant savings for many businesses. These companies have been able to complete large, complex projects quickly and it is easy for them to see how agile technology can work for them.

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