Talking to one of the Oracle Corporation sales managers, I was introduced to the idea of seeing change as an opportunity. Everybody hears about the management asking their team members and leads to see change as an opportunity. But how many of us actually believe it? Most often, change is equated to “pain”.
Every project manager will agree that managing change and getting the team to adjust to it is crucial to the success of any project, no matter how small or large. The right attitude is key to managing change and maximizing the potential for growth. The model employee would be the one to use the new process, even if most of the team has already stated the reasons why it is not appropriate.
Any organization can undergo change if it has one of these three types.
Process Change: This is the goal of process change. It is about streamlining the business process and making them more efficient to reduce costs and improve quality. If one is open-minded and adapts to new processes, they will be able to demonstrate tangible benefits.
Structural change: This refers to organizational restructuring, changes in the reporting structure, and so forth. These changes may not affect the team but are most relevant to the top management.
Cultural Change: This could be a change in business practices, Ai product centric to customer-centric or an organizational change. The management would approve if the individual adhered to the new way of doing things again.
According to a survey by a prominent consulting firm, there is almost 66% chance of a project failing. Antagonism among the people involved in the change is the main reason for the high failure rate. The organization must change the way it approaches the change project. This will help employees see the change as a chance to succeed and make an impact.
It is essential to have the right leadership team in place to implement change. They must communicate clearly and have analytical skills to show how the change will benefit the entire team or organization. To make the change easy to accept, it must be presented as an opportunity.
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