Through God’s intervention and hard work, I passed my PMP(r), exam on 1/12/19.
My journey began January 15, 2018 and ended January 12, 2019. (I don’t recommend this time-frame to anyone. However, mine took longer because I was lazy and life got in my way.
However, I started by taking a prep course, and then I was only about 40% prepared.
So I tried another one, but I wasn’t getting where I needed to be. Both of these courses were accredited by PMI. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the information, it was just that I wasn’t understanding it as well.
They were both very affordable. Between the 1st course and the 2nd, I read the PMBOK(r). I think criminals should be able to read the PMBOK (r) instead of going into jail.
Yes, the PMBOK(r), is a BORE to be read! This is partly why this journey took me so long to complete the PMBOK(r).
I discovered ExamsPM’s course via YouTube in the middle of November 2018. Helena kept repeating how you can follow her course to get your PMP(r), in just 6 weeks.
I promised myself that I would do everything she asked me to and that if I fail, I will get my money back.
When I signed up for the first time, I was only interested to answer the practice questions. However, I felt I had already taken 2 similar courses. I decided to go through the entire course, and then I noticed the difference between ExamsPM and the other courses. It was Helena’s way of teaching the course!
All the concepts I struggled to understand suddenly made sense to me.
After completing the course, I took practice questions. I scored between 69 and 71%. I kept practicing more questions. I kept practicing more questions. I realized that I didn’t understand the concepts, but the situational questions were what was stumping me (mainly because I tend overthink things).
I prayed that I wouldn’t be asked too many situational questions on the actual exam day…I don’t believe God heard me. I continued to practice between ExamsPM and free online practice questions… I practiced more than 3,200 questions before the day of exams.
My last practice test result was 88%. That was my highest score yet.
I went to bed earlier than usual the night before because I had read all the blogs, but I was so nervous that I woke up three hours later and couldn’t go back to sleep no mater how hard I tried.
This meant that by the time I sat down to write the exam at 8 a.m., I had already been up for 8 hours and was beginning to feel fatigued.
As if that weren’t enough, the questions were difficult. They were mostly situational questions (like I said before, God must have not heard my prayer). Despite all the practice I had, I was still stumped by the questions. I panicked and tried to remember everything I had read. I then guessed the answer if I wasn’t sure, marked it for review, and moved on.
I was able to complete the 200 questions in just 3 hours and 40 minutes. However, I had already marked many questions for review so I went back and took my time to understand the questions. I was able complete about 10 to 12 questions before the time ran out.
I was confused at this point and the 2 minute survey that they took before showing the results seemed like the longest wait of my life. But suddenly, the screen lit up with CONGRATULATIONS. It was worth all the stress.
Let’s sum it all: ExamsPM is the best.
1. Helena really breaks down and makes it understandable the PMBOK(r). – The PMBOK (r) was clearly designed by a mean person who is likely in hell and laughing loudly every time someone attempts to read it.
2. This course is the only one that offers a free review of the PMI application. It was a tremendous help. I was i