Phil was already a project manager when he was asked by his boss to become certified. He procrastinated for many years, and when he finally decided to get serious, he only had 3 weeks before his exam. Then he discovered ExamsPM.
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Here’s what happened.
Phil was asked by his manager to become PMP(r). He began taking prep classes on costing, budgeting and risk management. These classes earned him 35 credits.
Phil was approved after submitting his application twice and getting rejected twice. He procrastinated, and time became a factor. He purchased a competitor’s product, but quickly realized that the teaching style didn’t work for him.
ExamsPM was the next thing he looked for online. After completing the free webinar, he was convinced that the course would help him succeed. The problem was that the course is only 6 weeks long and he had only 3 weeks to prepare for his exam. He was so certain that this was the right course for him, he bought it anyway with the determination to make the course work.
Phil realized that he would need to double his studies as he had only half the time for the ExamsPM course. For the duration of the three-week period, Phil set aside 2 hours each morning and 2 hours each evening.
He discovered that memorizing the concepts was not enough for him. ExamsPM’s instruction to understand the concepts, and not just memorizing them, was the solution.
He found repetition of the course very helpful and was able to show all 49 processes to his co-workers on a whiteboard from beginning to end.
He admitted that he only took one of the practice tests.
The PMBOK(r) can be consulted.
Submit your application to the PMP(r), Exam.
Register for ExamsPM six weeks before your exam. Note the testing date to help you determine how much time you have.
Practice exams are not important. However, if you score high on them, the benefit is that you will see the correct answers and learn from it.
Repetition is key!

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