Khantse, one of our students, recently spoke to us. She passed her PMP(r), on her first attempt. During our interview, Khantse shared her experiences with us.
I will have more opportunities if I pass my PMP(r). – Khantse
1. Why did you decide to become PMP(r).
It is highly sought after in the project management profession.
2. What is your current position? What were your past roles?
I am currently a project planner. I was once a scheduler.
3. How long did you take to become PMP(r).
18 months. I had previously done with PMI, but failed twice. This took me a year. I then purchased ExamsPM’s material and prepared for five months. I passed with the highest score. [/two_third_last]
4. What did your study plan look like? What was your study schedule? How many and how long did each day go by?
ExamsPM material. Due to my busy schedule, I was able to study for longer periods. I studied for approximately 2 hours per day.
5. What study material did your use?
Only ExamsPM’s 6th Edition & all 5 exams.
6. What tips and tricks can you offer someone who is going through this certification process?
They should follow your advices, understand ITTO and not memorize it.
7. Let us know when you took the exam. How did you find the actual exam date?
Exam was easy because it was a series of situational questions. The material mainly focuses on the tips that you have shared.
8. Are people able to connect with you via LinkedIn
Congratulations Khantse
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