Are you ready for the next step in your career? Become a Google Associate Cloud engineer. You are looking for a quick overview with the right study resource? You are in the right place. The Google Associate Cloud Engineer Cheat sheet will be your information resource for revisions. It contains all the necessary study resources to increase your knowledge and confidence.
Cloud computing is a hot topic right now. This field is expected to grow rapidly and fetch high salaries. The Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification is highly sought-after. The competition is increasing just as fast as this sector. To grab the spotlight, you will need to put in a lot of effort. This cheat sheet will make your preparations easier and help you climb the career ladder. Before we get into the cheat, let’s take a look at the exam.
Google Associate Cloud Engineer: Exam Overview
Google Associate Cloud Engineerdeploys apps, monitors operations of multiple project, and maintains enterprise solutions in order to meet target performance metrics. This individual has worked with both public clouds and on-premises systems. They are also able to use Google Cloud Console, the command-line interface, to perform common platform-based tasks in order to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google Cloud-managed or self managed services.
Skills Assessment
The Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam tests your ability to –
First, create a cloud solution environment
Plan and configure a cloud-based solution.
Next, deploy and implement the cloud solution
Also, make sure that your cloud solution is successfully operated
You can also configure access and security
Google Associate Cloud Engineer Cheat Sheet
Google certifications that are industry-recognized will give you an edge over other candidates. A professional certification can also increase your employability and demonstrate your ability. This exam requires that you prepare and study well. This cheat sheet will help you to prepare for the exam with the right resources and strategy. This cheat sheet will help you pass the exam with flying colors.
Understanding the Exam Objectives
It is important to familiarize yourself with the exam course in order to understand the concepts. The exam course covers a wide range of topics. It is recommended that you consult the Official Exam Guide by Google. It contains detailed information about the exam domains. These domains can be used to help you understand the exam and create a study plan that is based on them.
1. Set up a cloud solution environment
1.1 Setting up cloud accounts and projects. These activities include:
Firstly, Creating projects (GCP Documentation:Creating Your Project,Creating and managing projects)
Secondly, Assigning users to predefined IAM roles within a project (GCP Documentation:Understanding roles)
Thirdly, Managing users within Cloud Identity (manually or automatically) (GCP Documentation :Cloud Identity).
Enabling APIs within projects (GCP Documentation:Enabling an API in your Google Cloud project)
Also, Provisioning one or more Stackdriver workspaces (GCP Documentation:Workspaces)
1.2 Configuring billing. Activities include:
Creating one or more billing accounts (GCP Documentation:Create, modify, or close your Cloud Billing account)
Linking projects to a bill account (GCP Documentation : Modify project billing settings)
Establishing billing budgets, alerts (GCP Documentation):Set budgets, budget alerts
To calculate daily/monthly charges, set up billing exports (GCP Documentation – Export Cloud Billing data to BigQuery).
1.3 Installation and configuration of the command line interface (CLI), e.g. the Cloud SDK (e.g.