Google Cloud Platform, one of the fastest growing cloud service platforms available today, allows you to run your applications and data workflows on a Google-sized scale. The GCP Cloud Architect certification, which is one of the most sought-after IT certifications, is also available. It is also one the most difficult exams offered by cloud vendors today. Passing this exam will require hours of study, hands on experience, and a thorough understanding of a wide range of GCP topics. Even after years of self-study, many aspirants still need to take practice tests for braces.
We are here to help! You heard it right! Our GCP Cloud Architect Practice Test has been launched with the most current exam questions. This article is intended to be your single best resource to help you prepare for and pass exam to become a Google Cloud Architect. This article presents you with a sanitized copy of the GCP Cloud Architect Practice Test. It covers general topics and answers you might encounter. This article is not intended to answer all your questions, but to help you prepare for the topics.
GCP Cloud Architect Certification Overview
It is always a good idea to start the preparation by learning the basics of the subject. Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the basics before we get to the meat of the matter.
Organizations can use Google Cloud technologies by passing the Professional Cloud Architect exam. A professional with a deep understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform can design, develop and manage dynamic, secure, scalable and highly available solutions to help drive business objectives.
The Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect exam evaluates your ability in the following areas:
Plan and design a cloud solution architecture
Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure
Design for security compliance
Analyze and optimize business and technical processes
Cloud architecture implementations managed
Ensure reliability in operations and solution delivery
Basic Details
Details are crucial, whether it’s exam details or other details. Even if you’re 100% sure of the details, it’s important to give them a second look, as they could change over time.
The certification exam is 40 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 120 minutes. The exam is valid for two years from the date it was passed. Passing the exam does not guarantee a passing score. The exam is available in English and Japanese. English and Japanese. The exam will cost $200 USD.
Recommend an Experience
Google Cloud Architect certification exam does not apply to every role, but it is primarily intended for –
Firstly, Enterprise Architects/ Solutions
Second, members of the Operations Team
The System Administrators will then be appointed.
Cloud Architects are also available to Fresh Graduates.
Course outline
It is important to be familiar with the exam objectives before you begin exam preparation. The course outline is essentially the blueprint for the exam. It helps aspirants plan for a positive outcome. Google has divided the course outline into sections and subtopics. Let’s look at the topics so you can focus your attention on them in order to pass the Google Cloud Architect certification exam.
Domain 1: Planning and designing a cloud solution architecture
First, design a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements
Second, design a solution infrastructure that meets technical requirements
The next step is to design storage, network, or compute resources
Also, create a migration plan
Further, Envision future solution improvements
Domain 2: Provisioning and managing a solution Infrastructure