It is no secret that IT skills are highly valued in today’s economy. It is impossible to run a business without technology and the jobs that are associated with them are in high demand. It was therefore not surprising that LinkedIn researchers found that tech-based skills were the 25 most sought-after skills in the U.S. in 2015.
Twenty percent of the top 25 skills were actually related to technology or IT systems. This is a simple echo of a sentiment many in the job marketplace already know: Computer-based training is one the best ways to advance your career.
The cloud is hot right this moment
The number one spot was taken by cloud and distributed computing. This was not surprising to anyone who has been following current IT trends. RightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud Survey revealed that 82 percent of companies are using hybrid cloud. This is a remarkable increase over the 74 per cent who did it in 2014. It is clear that this technology is rapidly gaining popularity.
As the cloud becomes more popular, so will the need for people who can work with it. This not only increases the demand for cloud-based training, but also raises salaries in the field. While IT workers have been well compensated in the past, those who work with the cloud can expect to make a lot more in the future.
PayScale reports that a Senior Manager for Software in the Cloud can expect a median salary of $134,125. A Product Manager for Software in Cloud can expect a median salary at $134,125. This is a lot more than the average American worker’s salary. It takes more than basic computer training to work with the cloud. Also, it takes a lot of effort and time to develop these skills. However, those who are willing to put in the effort will reap the rewards in the future.
Programming also landed a few spots
Programming ranked higher than cloud computing skills this year, but it still managed to grab a few spots on the edition. Every language, from Java to Python, was included on the list. C++ even made an appearance. Programming is the engine behind many technological advances of today, so it makes sense that employers value these skills.
Programming is the key to developing apps, videogames, and other pieces of business software. These types of applications won’t be going away anytime soon. These skills are valued by employers and programmers are rewarded accordingly. These workers can expect to earn $87,795, despite the fact that programmers are in high demand today. PayScale reported that programmers can earn more than $9,000 per year in bonuses, which makes programming skills even more valuable.
These skills will be valuable well into 2016.
These skills are still valuable even though 2015 is over. Technology will be a major focus in 2016, if not more, than 2015. Modern companies cannot function without an efficient IT department. Those who are skilled in this field will do exceptionally well in the years ahead.
These skills are not easy to acquire. It takes time and effort to accumulate the knowledge employers will value. These skills can be acquired over time, so the individual can rest assured that they will always be in demand. Computer-based training will ensure that you have a job and a steady income.
This information is well-known. It is well-known that working with computers can lead to a lucrative career. Every day, more people choose IT. If you’ve ever considered a career in technology, now is the time to make that next step. New Horizons can help you on your career development journey. Check out the many IT training courses available and choose the one that suits you best.
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