While most people are aware of how valuable IT training can be in the job market, CareerBuilder’s list for the most in-demand jobs in 2016 shows how important these skills really are. Each position was ranked based on the number of companies that posted job ads and how many people were hired in that area. The list ranked higher for jobs that had more postings than were filled.
PRNewswire’s article on the list shows that IT and technology-based jobs made up the majority of the most in-demand positions next year. Health care was the only field that came even close to this. The fact that IT jobs are more in demand than those that save lives shows how important computer-based training is for the modern economy.
Technology is everywhere
Although this list is certainly welcome news for those with corporate computer training, it probably isn’t surprisingconsidering how far technology’s reach is in today’s world. Pew Research Center discovered that 84 percent American households have a computer in 2014. This shows that computer-based training is a necessity for the job market.
Not only were IT and technology-related positions in high demand, but they also ranked among the highest-paid jobs on the list. The median wage for a Computer and Information Systems Manager was $61.37 an hour. This is more than $127,000 per year for a 40-hour job. There is an average gap between the number and the number of IT workers hired and the pay, which is 21758, so it’s clear that IT offers incredible opportunities for those who are willing to learn the skills.
Training is the first step.
Many IT jobs are not being filled due to the fact that these positions require high levels of skill. The technology used in corporate IT is very advanced and only getting more complex. This field requires extensive IT training to be able to deal with complex and rapidly evolving computer systems. Many people don’t have the necessary skills to hold these types of positions.
Although it may seem discouraging, this low number of people who have this expertise is actually a great benefit if you are willing to learn. Although having skills and experience in areas that aren’t common to the majority of the population doesn’t give you an advantage when it comes time to interview for jobs, advanced computer-based training will give your job security a level you won’t find anywhere else.
There is no better time to get company IT training than now. These skills are highly sought after and well-paid. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in Southern California offers corporate computer training courses that will help you take your career to the next level.
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