In this overview,we’ll discussthe overarchingconsiderations that affect organizations whenmaking the switch tovirtual collaboration technology.Stay tuned for thetwo follow-up articles that will compare popular solutions and highlight issuesimpactingeachprospective option’s level of effectiveness for organizations. Let’s get started!
Will Work from Home Continue Post-COVID?
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the work force home in a way that no one could have predicted. According to a recent survey fromNemertesResearch, over 90% ofcompaniesare supporting Work from Home (WFH). A survey by NemertesResearch revealed that less than 13% of respondents said they would discontinue WFH once things settle down. WFH is now the “new norm”, and budgets are being redirected towards WFH products.
Many companies were focused on scaling up and securing remote access in the first half of 2020. Companies are struggling to recreate the collaborative interactions that took place in an office. Many companies are turning to team collaboration apps to increase productivity and stay in touch.
CloudorVPN for Remote Workforce
Cloud-based services are more efficient at supporting distributed workers than funneling traffic through VPNs and a central datacenter. Cloud-based services were popular long before the pandemic. Many companies had already moved a portion of their business to the cloud or started to do so. The vast majority of email has been moved to cloud services like O365 and Google Mail. However, instant messaging (IM) solutions such as Skype for Business or Jabber are premise-based. The trend continues with Teams applications that use cloud-based technology.
What are the Key Considerations for Implementing a TeamsMessenger
Many companies are still trying to decide if a Teams app is right for them.
This short series will discuss the pros and cons of the various Teams solutions. We also discuss what vendors might not be telling us. Keep in mind that each offering is changing rapidly, somake sure you’resubscribedtothe IE blogfor the latest updatesandthe nexttwo pieces of this series:
Part 2: Standardizing a Teams Instant Messenger Platform: Cisco WebexTeams and Microsoft Teams–can I standardize one or all of these? Part 3: The Teams Conferencing Dilemma. What are the limitations to different video conferencing solutions for Teams? Find the Best Collaboration Tools for Your Company
Every company has its own needs for collaboration, especially in virtual form. Contact our experts for advice and recommendations. We can analyze your currentsystem, pinpoint areas of improvement, andmakerecommendationsthat will allow you to achieve your collaboration goals, and ultimatelysave you money and headaches in the long haul.