September 12, 2018PMP certification, or Project Management Professional certification, is a challenging journey. To pass the certification exam, it is recommended that you spend 40+ hours studying. We will cover everything you need to know to pass the PMP certification exam, how to prepare for it, and provide free study materials.
What is a PMP certification?
Project managers are highly valued by PMP (Project Management Professional), certification. Being PMP certified shows that you have the education, experience, and ability to manage and lead projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the certification. Project management leaders are in high demand. A PMP certification will increase your value to potential employers and clients. A PMP certification will make you stand out in the crowd when it comes to project managers. You have the skills and knowledge to succeed. Project managers with PMP certification will find it easier to find work.
Studies show that PMP certification holders earn 20% more than those who are not certified. Project managers often study for the PMP exam because of the large increase in PMP salaries. A PMP certified project manager can earn more, make better decisions and be a leader. You have more options as a PMP-certified project manager.
You can work anywhere you like as a PMP. This skill is highly sought after and can be used in any industry. This skill is highly sought-after internationally.
Employers gain from the hiring of PMP-certified job candidates. Employers will benefit from hiring PMP-certified Project Managers. This will allow them to complete their projects on schedule, within budget, and reach the goals they have set. PMP certification shows that you are fluent in the language of project management. You will quickly make international connections with experts, professionals, and organizations.
A PMP-certified project manager is a benefit to your employer and your project.
What are the requirements to be certified as PMP?
Before taking the PMP exam, there are several prerequisites. Each one is broken down into two groups. Each group of pre-requisites has 3 requirements to pass the PMP certification exam.
Pre-Requisites A:* Four-year degree (at a higher education institution).* 35 hours of project management education.* 4,500 hours as project leader/director.Pre-Requisites B:* High school diploma (Associates degrees and any of its global equivalent are also accepted).* 35 hours of project management education* 7,500 hours as project leader/director.
Although the requirements may seem daunting, they are possible to meet. To become a PMP certified manager, it takes a lot of effort. The final step to receiving the certification is passing the PMP exam.
How to pass the PMP certification exam?
The PMP certification