September 12, 2018. Although it is an exciting journey, getting certified can be intimidating. If you have decided to pursue a certification as an IT professional but are overwhelmed by the number of options available, you can read on to learn about the three foundational certifications that you can earn and which one you should choose.
Millions of jobs are not filled every year despite the huge need in the Tech sector. These jobs are not filled by enough skilled workers. This is a great problem! This means you have the opportunity to learn new skills, and get into an industry that is desperate for skilled workers.
These are not low-paying, high-labor jobs. While it varies by region, Tech pays incredibly well. For example, the average US Tech sector salary for skilled tech workers is between $80,000 and $105,000 per year. Tech is a very rewarding career choice. It does require a lot of practice and learning new things.
You can make a lot of money by studying and getting certified.
CompTIA Certifications will allow you to jump into the technical side of Information Technology. There are many certifications available, but three are the most important foundational certs to be able to work in IT.
CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ are the best starting certifications to start a career as a networker. They provide a solid foundation for many career paths. How do you choose the right one? Continue reading!
Which CompTIA Certificate is right?
Learning a new skill in IT is never wasted. It can be beneficial to specialize depending on your career goals and the work you enjoy. Although CompTIA offers many certificates, the best foundational certifications for those just starting out in IT are Network+, A+ and Security+.
CompTIA Security+ (The Sy0-401 Exam) is the recommended certification for Vigilant.
Cybersecurity is one the fastest growing IT requirements in the world. You can watch the news to see stories about companies, governments, and others being systematically hacked. DDoS attacks are now commonplace in large businesses, and even everyday computer use can lead to large amounts of Malware.
Security+ is for people who are looking for a fast-paced career that creates iron-clad defenses against outsiders and systems for businesses to protect information. This certification covers many types of security. It also covers the theory behind it, which is the mindset of trying not to lose, steal, or destroy information. The sy0-401 Exam exam is the perfect path for those who enjoy being on watch and creating unbreakable systems.