January 20, 2019Despite the competition from Red Hat, Citrix and Microsoft, VMware remains a leader in virtualization in server consolidation. Its position is further strengthened by the fact that it is supported both by Windows and Linux, which ensures its ability perform in heterogeneous environments. It is compatible with most operating systems, including the most popular. Despite strong competition, VMware seems to be growing stronger and will not lose its grip on the virtualization market anytime soon. Despite strong competition from other industry leaders, VMware has remained the market leader for virtualization. This article is devoted to answering this question. We will examine the reasons VMware has stood firm in the face stiff competition and remained a virtual giant in the industry.

vSphere is the Trusted Technology of VMware
Let’s take a moment to reflect. Microsoft’s Hyper-V was introduced in 2008. In 2001, VMware launched its ESX 1.0 server. This is seven years before any other company could have imagined introducing a product such as this. This alone has made VMware a formidable leader in virtualization. This vendor has enjoyed the first-comer advantage and continues to enjoy these same benefits. VMware also has many advantages, including its software suite. vSphere is a critical technology that the information technology industry uses today.
Citrix’s XenServer, and Microsoft’s Hyper-V are also available. These technologies are different from vSphere in that they require an operating system to manage virtualization components. vSphere, however, is extremely configurable and doesn’t require an operating system. This distinction allows professionals to remotely control their hypervisors from any location in the world. vSphere has a robust security system built in that doesn’t require any additional patches for its Controlling Layer constituents. It offers a variety of governance capabilities that allow organizations to take advantage of its transparent page sharing.
The King Will Always Be Secure
It is hard to overstate the fact that VMware faces strong competition from leading IT organizations around the globe. Virtualization is still very popular and standardized, however. Citrix and Microsoft use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), among other virtualization vendors. Only VMware is making significant strides in automating multifarious product offerings to help organizations strengthen their enterprise infrastructure. This is how a virtualization team can be created.