January 9, 2019: How was your career progression in 2018? Are you happy with the achievements of the year? Or would you prefer to be in a specific job? Did you reach all of your career goals in the upcoming year? Are you worried that you may not have achieved the goals you set for yourself in the current year? You have the power to rewrite your story for 2019! It is time for you to begin discussing your career plan for 2019. What skills do you need in order to achieve the career goals you have established? You must learn skills to reach your career goals for 2019. You can’t do your job the way you’ve done it for years and expect to be promoted or offered a new job. No sir! To increase your chances of being hired in 2019, you will need to have additional skills. This article will discuss the skills you need to have a rewarding career in 2019.

Before an interview, you need to be able to research skills
It is common to look at the websites of companies before a job interview. This allows you to see the layouts and ask questions about the dress code, break hours, and dress code. You must also understand the business’ offerings. Find out about their core products, services, and core values. Find out about their core values and work ethics. You might wonder why you should do this, especially if you don’t have the job yet. Organizations value potential employees who are willing to take initiative and learn more about their workplace. You will be able to engage with interviewers by using the information you have gathered from your research. You will be less anxious and more able to focus on the interview if you have all the information you need. You don’t need to limit yourself to the organization’s website. You can check their social media pages or go to LinkedIn to find out more information about the company.
Develop compelling career stories with the skills you have
How do you fit in to the overall scheme of things at the organization you plan to join? Are you able to tell a compelling story about your professional experience that will help you get the job you want? Are you able to demonstrate the professional skills necessary to work in this organization? Do you have other skills and expertise than what you have learned in school? Your career narrative is what recruiters are looking for. Develop the skills to create a compelling narrative that will make you stand out from the crowd during an interview.
Skills to build a rapport with potential colleagues
You might now have a solid understanding of the organization.